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    Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
    How do you like it? It was around this time that he became Chad the Team Killer when he became so obsessed with his own image over the success of the team. I like how Marvin still calls him CJ
    It's just Chad's personality. We can all sit around and talk about how he's a cancer to the team, but he's also one of the reasons the Bengals are even semi-relevant at this point. Yes he's a little emotional, and yes, he's a little flamboyant but if he wasn't those things then he wouldn't be who he is.

    I liked when Chad was the king of the world with end zone dances. I liked when Chad had a yellow mo hawk. I liked when Chad had gold teeth. I liked when Chad made his own HoF jacket. And I liked it when Chad changed his name to Ochocinco.

    I said it on these forums repeatedly but I just didn't feel the same sentiments about him wanting out of Cincinnati. Every player knows that eventually they'll lose control over their body's value and their time will run out. Chad doesn't want to leave the NFL without a ring, I understand that and can deal with it.

    You guys can hate Chad for who he is, but I'm grateful for what he's done. I'm not completely excusing him for throwing last year's season away (which he admits to, and apologizes for, now). But at the same time, I'm not going to crucify the guy for it, or something else that isn't even related to that (like changing his last name).

    If he still plays for us, are you still a fan of his? What happens if he puts up 1500 yards and 10 touchdowns and helps us get the play offs? Will you call him Ochocinco then?


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      I will still call him Chad Johnson. I hate name changes. Barring for good reasons (Stalker, witness protection kinda stuff). There is a fighter who had the nickname "War Machine" and it was trademarked by TNA and he legally changed his name to War Machine so it isnt infringement.
      I called him "eight-five" "ocho-cinco" and all that before the name change now it sounds kinda lame. Like an overplayed joke or punch line from SNL.

      War Machine:
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