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Preseason Game 2 @ New England

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  • Preseason Game 2 @ New England

    O'Sullivan will probably play the first quarter and half of the second quarter with Jordan finishing things off.

    Things I will be keying in on

    - Michael Johnson continuing to get pressure on the QB

    - Watching Rey in his first game in stripes, hope he gets some extended play

    - Continued consistent play from the OL, lose at least some of the penalties from last week.

    - Bernard Scott hopefully putting a stamp on his spot as the #2 RB

    - Safety play. I'm still baffled with the change up from last season but I want to see the way they play this week.

    - FB play with Jeremi Johnson hopefully improving, I would strongly prefer that he be the one who earns the starting spot.

    Those are the big things... Of course I want to see Joseph play well, Rivers show his talent and Henry put up big numbers again. I can't wait.

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    First offensive series

    The Patriots front 7 is clearly better than the Saints lol.
    Chad looks to be in peak form.
    Anthony Collins with a hold, Nate Livings completely missed going after Jerod Mayo.

    I'm glad Carson wasn't in there for that one.

    First defensive series

    Keith Rivers is looking GREAT
    Pass rush isn't bad but cost a big gain by Welker on a screen.
    The Patriots passing game is just a thing of beauty.
    Nice job to at least stop the Patriots after the long drive and only give up a FG.


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      Chad just kicked the extra point haha. That catch by Jerome Simpson was ridiculous as was the the PI call.

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        The defense has been SWARMING, very impressed with that. The pass rush by the front four has really picked up as well.

        Simpson's catch was insane and the Henry TD was sweet.

        Chad should hit 1500 yards if he keeps playing like this and I lol'd when he hit the extra point... It was a thing of beauty.

        Benson and Rivers look great. Michael Johnson will also get a ton of PT.

        The Oline was more like I would expect it to be. Had some spots where it was awful, others where it was decent. The Patriots are about as good of a test as you can get.


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          You have a great backup kicker.

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            Overall I'd say that was a sloppy game for both sides, with penalties, mistakes and such. The type of game coaches love to have in the pre-season.

            Michael Johnson looked pretty good last night though, and Benson moved really well.
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              Yeah, Brady looked great and like his normal self in several spots but then you could see the rust when he overthrew Moss/Welker.

              Still, given it's the 2nd preseason game I was fairly pleased with the results.



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