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Preseason Game 2 VS St. Louis

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  • Preseason Game 2 VS St. Louis

    Anybody catch the game? I got it recorded but haven't watched the whole thing yet. Cedric did pretty well...seemed like we were fumbling the ball all over the place though.

    RIP ST

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    son of a ***** i said preseason game 2!

    RIP ST


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      lol it's all good.

      The defense was pretty solid again with the exception of one drive.

      The Oline sucked.

      Rivers was pretty quiet but the Dline was nasty.

      I don't know what to think at this point. I feel like the defense is going to be pretty reliable but the offense is going to be a huge question mark the first few weeks.


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        The OL is gonna need some time to gel and that might be a problem in the beginning of the year but I think the talent is there even without Andre. Getting Andre in there will definitely be a huge boost and hopefully it will allow for Whit to move to LG with AC playing LT.

        Tom Nelson has been very impressive from what I have seen. Kid can move that's for sure. He's reminiscent of Ethan Kilmer in many ways and maybe he can help with our CB depth.

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