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Week 2 : Packers

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    Still have a broken computer at home but was dying to post on here last night.

    Odom is filthy, after Clifton went down he was just abusing that poor guy. The fact that we actually have solid DT's has as much to do with it as anything.

    I love our Dline, I love our CB's and LB core. Crocker and Williams I'm still a little shaky on but it's not like they're not cutting it.

    Mike Zimmer is my hero from now to the end of time. Our defense is one of the more aggressive D's in the league and the days of just rushing 4 then sitting back and getting passed on are gone.

    The Oline looked pretty solid and Carson is still knocking off rust but was making some of his classic throws.

    Benson looked like Rudi in his prime. Wasn't getting 20 or 30 yard runs but was bruising his way to 4 or 5 a carry when you didn't think he had any room.

    This week is so absolutely huge for the rest of our season. I'm beyond excited for Sunday.


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      Also forgot to add that after my questioning who would be returning kicks, Quan Cosby has answered that in a big way. Having a good KR/PR is so huge in this league.


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        Yea, Quan Cosby was absolutely huge in that game. If we can get solid production out of our S/T along with our Defense playing like it is, this could be an exciting season. Especially when our offense starts to click on all cylinders.

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          I must say, after watching the game I have decided that my obsession with Rey was well deserved.

          The Twitters


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            Some mid-week defensive stats for the year

            12th in scoring defense
            10th in yards per game
            11th in rushing yards per game
            16th in passing yards per game
            6th in pass deflections
            1st in sacks - thank you Antwan Odom



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