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  • 53 Man Roster???

    53 Man Roster

    Offense: 25

    QB: Carson Palmer, JT O'Sullivan, Jordan Palmer (3)
    RB: Cedric Benson, Benard Scott, Brian Leonard (3)
    FB: Fui Vakapuna (1)
    TE: Jermaine Gresham, Chase Coffman, Reggie Kelly (3)
    WR: Chad OchoCinco, Antonio Bryant, Jordan Shipley, Andre Caldwell, Matt Jones, Quan Cosby (6)
    OT: Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith, Dennis Roland, Anthony Collins (4)
    OG: Bobbie Williams, Nate Livings, Evan Mathis (3)
    C: Kyle Cook, Jonathan Luigs (2)

    Defense: 25

    DE: Robert Geathers, Antwan Odom, Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Jonathan Fanene (5)
    DT: Domato Peko, Tank Johnson, Pat Sims, Geno Atkins (4)
    WLB: Keith Rivers, Brandon Johnson (2)
    MLB: Dhani Jones, Abdul Hodge (2)
    SLB: Rey Maualuga, Reshad Jeanty, Roddrick Muckelroy (3)
    CB: Jonathan Joseph, Leon Hall, Brandon Ghee, Morgan Trent (4)
    FS: Chris Crocker, Tom Nelson(2)
    SS: Roy Williams, Chinedum Ndukwe, Kyries Hebert (3)

    Special Teams: 3

    K: Dave Rayner
    P: Kevin Huber
    LS: Clark Harris

    Practice Squad:
    Dezmon Briscoe(WR), Maurice Purify(WR), Otis Hudson(G/T), Reggie Stephens(G/C), Clinton McDonald(DT/DE), Jason Shirley(G), Rico Murray(S/C, Antonio Smith(C (8)


    QB - Carson starter, with JT as backup and Jordan still learning

    RB - Cedric will get the bulk of the carries, but we should see more of Benard Scott this season. Brian Leonard will get some touches but will see most of his action catching out of the backfield .

    FB - Fui will be the only FB on the roster and he offers more versatility catching from the backfield as well

    WR - Ocho is the #1, Antonio is #2, Shipley has been known to be very smart football player and a reliable one, but I can't see him beating out Andre Caldwell. So I will label them 3a and 3b with Jordan being slightly ahead of Caldwell. Matt Jones will be the 5th WR used in redzone and on various deep routes. Quan gets the last spot over Briscoe but won't be activated for game days. Dezmon Briscoe will be on the practice squad along with Maurice Purify

    TE - Gresham walks in day 1 and is the starting TE. Coffman will be used in 2 TE sets. We tried to use 2 TE sets back when we first signed Utecht but he got injured at the beginning of the season and that kinda screwed that idea. Reggie Kelly will be brought back instead of keeping Coats or resigning JP Foschi because we already have 2 young TEs now so we might as well bring back a 2nd coach in Kelly. He will mentor these kids and that will help them reach their potential faster. Coaches always have a way of teaching you things but advice from a fellow teammate especially a seasoned vet like Kelly is invaluable.

    OL - Got the starters in Whitworth-Livings-Cook-Williams-Smith. Then we will keep Anthony Collins and Dennis Roland for insurance and only 1 guard on the active roster. I think they will try working Anthony Collins at G this year for insurance in case one of the starters go down. If a guard does get hurt we will have 3 guards on the PS so we can sign the best one up to the active roster.

    DL - Well Geathers, Odom, Dunlap, Johnson, Peko and Tank are locks to make the roster. Fanene will make it because he showed he is a player last year when Odom went down and was arguably our best linemen. Geno Atkins will make it as a pass rushing DT and Sims will make it because he is a beast. Clinton McDonald will be PS

    LB - Rivers - Jones - Maualuga are locks. Brandon Johnson is a good nickle backer and good ST player, Abdul Hodge is good on ST and will still be our backup MLB, Roddrick Muckelroy and Rashad Jeanty will battle it out for the back up SLB spot, but both will make the roster because Jeanty is too valuable to let go and Muckelroy will be a ST monster and will either take over for SLB next year when Rey takes over MLB or be Jeanty's back up next year.

    CB - Joseph and Hall are shutdown. Morgan Trent and Brandon Ghee will battle it out for the nickle spot, but Ghee will win it because he is better in coverage and is quicker then Trent. The good thing is that if we lock up JJ and Leon we will have probably one of the best CB groups in the league.

    S - Roy and Crocker will start the season again. Chinny will spell Crocker and Williams so hopefully the trio safetys will stay healthy for the whole season because we really did miss Roy's hitting presence down the stretch. Tom Nelson will continue to improve and will be used as a CB/S. Antonio Smith and Rico Murray will be on PS

    ST - Jordan Shipley will take over the return duties as he is a dangerous return man. Quan was more than adequate last year but there is always room for improvement. If Shipley ever goes down we have Quan on the roster still to fill in. We also won't have to worry about Shipley being "over used" since he will be one of the slot WRs because Caldwell will be there to fill in when Jordan can't go.

    What do you guys think???
    R.I.P Chris 'Slim' Henry

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    Giving Shipley all return duties is a bad idea.
    1. He does have an injury history. You dont risk it.
    2. Quan becomes expendable. I like what he brings but I think Dez is a better WR and he would beat out Quan as a WR.

    That said, I think Dez makes the team. Jones probably not.
    I hope Nelson doesnt make the team...or learns how to tackle.

    The Twitters


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      I agree with all that but i think Briscoe will make the team over Matt Jones

      RIP themaninblack


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        1) None of us want Matt Jones to make the team, so you'll probably get a lot of people who don't like your original six.

        2) I think they'll at least try to keep Simpson on the practice squad. someone might take him because he was a 2nd round pick, but who knows.

        3) I know they're talking about keeping Kelly around, but I know the coaching staff at one point really really liked Daniel coats. In my opinion, with the injuries at the position last year, there is no way Marvin doesn't try to at least keep one on the PS and / or go into this season with 4. Especially if we're going to devote a small section of the playbook to these two tight end sets.

        4) What happened to Frostee Rucker? He did pretty well last year in limited play time and Marvin loves his versatility. He loves that both him and Fanene can play a little DT in a pinch.

        5) Lastly Rayner is 42 / 59 in 4 years while Mike Nugent is 79 / 100 in 6 years. Nugent's 79% to Rayner's 71% has me thinking he automatically has a leg up in that training camp battle. But he also a bit more experience which shouldn't hurt his case either.

        Anyways, good write up. I wouldn't mind if that's how our roster turned up at all. +rep my friend


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          If we add a vet at safety then ya Tom Nelson probably will get cut. As for Frostee Rucker, I just couldn't find a spot for him. I already have 9 DL ahead of Frostee so he might be a camp cut imo. As for the kicker situation I just picked one because it is to hard to pick one. I think we should sign a udfa to compete with these 2 guys. Dan Coats time is up, we 2 young guys ahead of him already so I would bring Reggie back just for his presence and leadership.

          As for Matt Jones.... I think Carson will like his height and hands so I see him making it over a rookie.
          R.I.P Chris 'Slim' Henry


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            QB - Carson Palmer, J.T. O'Sullivan, Jordan Palmer
            RB - Cedric Benson, Bernard Scott, Brian Leonard
            FB - Jeremi Johnson
            Notes: No real shockers here. I think J. Johnson will be re-signed because unless Vakapuna has improved drastically over last season he is not ready to be a starter.

            WR - Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, Andre Caldwell, Jordan Shipley, Matt Jones, Quan Cosby
            TE - Jermaine Gresham, Reggie Kelly, Chase Coffman
            Notes: I have Jones over Briscoe and Simpson. He has more experience and I think he will be motivated to play to his abilities. Briscoe to the practice squad, Simpson to the street. I believe Kelly will be re-signed for his leadership and blocking ability.

            LT - Andrew Whitworth, Anthony Collins
            LG - Evan Mathis, Nate Livings
            C - Kyle Cook, Jonathan Luigs
            RG - Bobbie Williams
            RT - Andre Smith, Dennis Roland
            Notes: Nothing mind blowing here.

            LE - Robert Geathers, Michael Johnson
            NT - Domata Peko, Pat Sims
            UT - Tank Johnson, Geno Atkins
            RE - Antwan Odom, Jonathan Fanene, Carlos Dunlap
            Notes: An incredibly deep, versatile and talented group. Rucker is expendable after Dunlap was drafted.

            WLB - Keith Rivers, Brandon Johnson, Roddrick Muckelroy
            MLB - Dhani Jones, Abdul Hodge
            SLB - Rey Maualuga, Rashad Jeanty
            Notes: Skuta is replaced by Muckelroy for special teams. Everything else remains the same as last season.

            LCB - Johnathan Joseph, Brandon Ghee
            RCB - Leon Hall, Morgan Trent
            FS - Chris Crocker, Ken Hamlin
            SS - Roy Williams, Chinedum Ndukwe, Kyries Hebert
            Notes: Ghee replaces David Jones. A little wishful thinking on Hamlin. Not a fan of Tom Nelson at all. Hebert sticks around for his special team prowess.

            K - Mike Nugent
            P - Kevin Huber
            LS - Clark Harris
            Notes: Nugent is better and more experienced than Rayner. Everything else the same.
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