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Week 2: Ravens

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  • Week 2: Ravens

    Well so far defense is looking better but need to get more pressure on the QB. The Offense really needs to step it up in the red zone. They just look lost once they get in there.

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    Nice to get our first win, typical Central division game. Good rebound for our defense. I think one of the keys was that we were able to but more pressure on the Flacco and this led to some turn overs. Adam Jones pick was awesome.

    I know Baltimore's defense is stout but not being able to convert in the red zone needs to improve going forward. Palmer seemed to be off his "A" game, he missed a couple of throws that could of been TD's. They did do a good job mixing up in the passing game when we did connect. Our penalties are driving me crazy.
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      I was at the game and my initial thought is that Bratkowski is holding this team back significantly. We have to have more creative playcalling in order to be as good as we can be. I'm tired of defenses being able to dictate the pace and flow of the game, its time we grew some balls and be able to bring the game to defenses instead of the other way around.

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        I'll trade you Cameron for Bratkowski.


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          Well it ended like it played out all game long. The defense stepped up big in the secondary. I'm still dissapointed in the pass rush. They was able to get some pressure late in the game but it came from M. Johnson and G. Atkins and it came from the Secondary keeping the wideouts covered up. Hopefully Adam Jones' injury isn't to serious because he has played really well so far this season.

          Now as for the Offense I'm still not sure what to really think since it was Baltimore's defense they were playing. Palmer did miss quite a few throws today that he really should have made but what really upset me more then anything was Gresham and Shipley seemed to vanish after the first couple series and they were really effective. Where it upset me most was in the redzone. Gresham didn't even get a target down close and thats where he should shine.

          Other then those complaints I'm stocked with the win over a division rival once again.


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            Its a good win for us and we should be able to shore up the passing game against the Panthers and Bucs in the coming weeks
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              The Bengals and Ravens are almost the same team. Granted, our defensive strength is more in the secondary while their strength is up front. Still, offenses that should be really good on paper that simply aren't and solid defenses.

              It was a great division win, I'd rather play games like that then shootouts... Kind of how AFCN football is played. Glad to be 1-1 but the win come against the Ravens.

              The offense really needs to use more intermediate passing plays I think, Shipley is a man out there and TO was battling for YAC.

              Nugent has been an absolute stud. When he was getting the 50+ yarders in the preseason I figured he would make the team. Then he's just been lights out thus far, a massive improvement over Graham. Hard to have a kicker be the player of the game but he absolutely was in my eyes.

              Would've liked to have seen more Gresham out there but my assumption is they went with Kelly for the pass protection... Against the Ravens, I completely understand.



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