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Week 8: Dolphins

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  • Week 8: Dolphins

    I haven't given up on the season yet guys but last week was about as "must win" as a game can get. We're so far behind in the division we basically need to win out now to have any chance.

    Benson's fumble was a fluke last week, I hope we continue to run the ball this week. I would really like to see us run it 15 or more times in the first half and really try to wear that defense down. Knowing Bratkowski though, we'll probably come out passing until we're down by 14.

    Also, Zimmer needs to light a fire under this defenses butt. I'm sick of watching Rivers, Jones and Maualuga tackle 7-8 yards down the field. We need to be aggressive with our linebackers and shut down the running game. Though I am worried about our pass protection, we don't seem to have any cornerbacks healthy at the moment.

    Anyways, I still have hope!

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    Yea the biggest concern about this week is who is going to play in the defensive backfield? Seems like every corner on the roster is hurt in one way or the other. The only silver lining is that the Dolphins are a run first offense and don't throw it all over the place. They do have some weapons at the WR spot but thank goodness the Bengals aren't playing Indy. The game plan really should be blitz and blitz some more on defense. You cant sit back and hope the corners can keep the wideouts covered long enough to get pressure with the front 4. As for the offense I think a very balanced attack is what its going to take to win. And by balanced I mean during drives. Brat has a tendency to either run an entire drive or pass an entire drive. He really needs to mix it up to keep the defense off balance. I'd also like to see a very heavy dose of the no huddle. Its the only thing that has produced on a consistent basis.


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      The Dolphins pass game is going to abuse us this week. They have very good WR's... Devone Bess is severely underrated, Brian Hartline isn't to bad either, and Anthony Fasano will most likely do good because our safeties cannot cover
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