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    This draft is assuming that Carson Palmer does not come back or is traded, Ochocinco will be traded, and the Bengals pick up a starting OG in free agency once the CBA is signed.

    1. AJ Green WR Georgia 6'3" 211 lbs. 4.5 40-time AJ Green is the choice here because he is a stud. He is as "can't miss" a prospect as there is in the NFL. I don't think that Cam Newton or Gabbert provide that much better a fit to the WCO than Ponder or Dalton especially when you consider where each individual would have to be drafted. Dareus, Peterson, and Miller would all help tremendously but Chad is gone one the CBA is announced. Simpson is at best a #2 WR. AJ Green is a homerun threat that will require double teams after a year or two in the league. Green is a day one starter and a game changer.

    2. Andy Dalton QB TCU 6'2" 215 lbs. Dalton is a flat out winner. He is a four year starter. He makes terrific decisions with the ball and he has a very high football IQ. His best characteristic is that he is accurate with his throws. This is a high priority in a WCO. I think that he is the best fit for our new offense.

    3. Quinton Carter SS Oklahoma 6’0” 210 lbs. He is my #1 SS in the draft. There are better overall safeties in the draft but Nelson filled in nicely last year at FS. Carter could come in and compete with Roy Williams for starting time day one. He is an in the box safety with ideal bulk and height. Carter would be a special teams stud right off the bat. He also loves to lay heavy hits on the offense. He is the long term solution to strong safety. I wanted to go Orlando Franklin here but I think that OG is easily replaceable in free agency once the CBA is signed.

    4. Dontay Moch OLB/SAM University of Nevada 6’1” 248 lbs. 4.44 40-time Please see the below stats and ask yourself if the Bengals could use a guy like this. Moch is a freak athlete. He ran a 4.44 at 248 lbs. I move Maualuga to middle LB and insert Moch at SAM. The guy flat out gets after the QB. He will be a tackling machine from with get go.
    2006 1 1 0.0 0.0 0 0
    2007 11 68 12.0 2.0 4 0
    2008 13 50 17.0 11.5 2 0
    2009 13 61 20.0 6.5 3 0
    2010 13 61 22.0 8.5 1 0

    5. John Clay RB Wisconsin 6’0” 230 lbs. 4.8 40-time I love RB’s that are his size. He will never be a starter in the NFL but I don’t need him to be. He is perfectly built for our division. He is our goal line and short yardage back. How many times did Bratkowski (yes I know that he is no longer with the team) call a pass play on 3rd and 2 because he didn’t have a guy like Clay? Let me repeat myself. I do not envision Clay being a starter but he is the perfect fit for our division. Wouldn’t you like to see him run Ray Lewis and Polamalu over!!!

    6. Alex Henery Kicker Nebraska Henery is flat out the best kicker in the draft. He has all the range that you need and is very accurate. I am not sure that Nuggent will be able to come back with the same leg strength that he had before the injury. If he does, let the best man win.

    7. Owen Marecic FB Stanford 6'0" 248 lbs. Marecic would come in and compete for the starting job since no one on the team seems to want it. He is worth taking a flier on because he was also Stanford’s starting MLB so he could see addition duties if need be. Special teamer for sure.
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    Love the early ideas (especially Dalton), but I don't see us going after OLB that early if at all because we got Muckleroy last year and he should be the incoming SAM when Maualuga slides inside. I feel like Clay is perfectly capable of being an NFL starter, especially if he splits time with a back like Scott. I also don't see Marecic lasting that long, but I would love to have him, no doubt. He seeks contact and is a workhorse that would thrive in such a physical division. A run game with Clay, Scott, and Marecic would be straight up daunting.

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      Nice draft, but I can't see Moch lasting that long. I think he gets picked on Day 2.


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        The Bengals will prolly have to trade up in the late 1st to get a QB.

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          Funny looking back on this. I did a hell of a job (pats myself on the back)!
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          The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl.



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