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Who do you think is our bet player on D?

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  • Who do you think is our bet player on D?

    hey sorry if this type of thread has been posted here a 1,000 times but i am new here and I was just trying to break the Ice

    Well I am going to say Madieu because of his versitality (can play saftey and corner)and I love his ability to make plays in both the passing game and running game.
    we will be back in 15 years.

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    I agree about Madieu.

    To be honest I was a little dissapointed last year in him. He played good but not great as I had hoped for. Seemed like he was less aggressive after his shoulder injury and he wasn't making the big plays that started in '05. He's still young and this is only his 4th year at S so he'll continue to improve.

    Joseph is already a close 2nd.


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      i agree with williams, thurman was up there before he got retarted, as was pollack, but not anymore, so it has to be williams.

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      i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
      who dey?


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        Williams did not progress last year while Joseph had a nice rookie year and I expect more from him this year. I may have to say Joseph on this one.


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          Takeo Spi.....oh my bad....flashback
          I would say over the course of their career Sam Adams.
          The past years i would say Madieu

          The Twitters


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            right now i'd say its madieu(justin smith is up there too) but there are a few young guys who could be just as good. Domata Peko, Thurman, Ahmad Brooks, David Pollack, Robert Geathers, and Jonathan Joseph all have the potential to be tops at their positions in the NFL if the disciplinary thing works out for Odell, and if David can ever come back. We have a ton of young talent on this D, Eric Henderson is also another guy who could be an impact player.

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