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Kevin Youkalis's Bengals draft needs

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  • Kevin Youkalis's Bengals draft needs

    For those of you that don't know, Youk is from Cincy and is a huge Bengals fan. He was on the radio here in Boston today and the hosts always ask him about the Bengals, and today they asked him what he thought about the NFL draft coming up, what the Bengals needs are. He said, and I quote, "Well, as much as it hurts to say, we first need to figure out who's going to be there and who's going to be in jail." Then he said first they need a linebacker, then a big guy in the middle on defense, and then probably safety. He said he personally wants Patrick Willis.

    Thought you might find it interesting... or not... whatev, enjoy...

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    lol well I think he's a bit off by not mentioning a CB... Still, thanks for the post, I didn't realize he was a big Bengals fan.


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      Yeah he's from Cincy and went to the U of Cincy. They always ask him about the Bengals. He even said he'd would have no problem with the players calling him and asking him where the good areas and bad areas of Cincy are to help them stay out of trouble, ha. He seems like a cool dude.


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        why must you make me want to like the red sox

        The Twitters


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          a "big man in the middle" is not the answer to our problems.

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