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    Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
    Maybe Landry will fall....Please God...
    Wont drop past the top 10.

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      Originally posted by Aftermath View Post
      Wont drop past the top 10.
      i was bein sarcastic.

      The Twitters


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        Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
        i would love to take Branch. He is a high boom/bust pick but shows versatility at all D-line spots which we could use some depth at. Him and Peko on the inside would be decent
        DT's are notorious for their high bust rate.

        Shaun Rogers went in the second.

        I think we'll go another route, considering we nabbed Peko in the fourth last year.
        Doesn't matter if it is all fat, if he can move better covered in fat, more power to him. SAINTS-TIGERS



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          Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
          DT's are notorious for their high bust rate.
          True, however many of the more dominant DT's are top 15 guys... Branch is obviously top 15 potential.


          John Henderson 1st round, 9th pick
          Kevin Williams 1st round, 9th pick
          Marcus Stroud 1st round, 13th pick
          Tommie Harris 1st round, 14th pick
          Casey Hampton 1st round, 19th pick

          All 5 of those players have been in the pro bowl in the past 2 seasons. I'm a major proponent of us taking a DT early just to take one but we CANNOT pass on a guy like Alan Branch, he's a rare impact guy at DT.


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            if branch r okoye fall to 18, i think we will pick him. corner is a deep postion this year and the first round talent is not too far in front of the upper tier. we could nab wilson, mccaluey, or maybe jackson in the second.

            Originally posted by mythbusta
            i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
            who dey?


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              Kareem Brown or Antonio Johnson in Rd 4 would suit me just fine for our DT needs. I would prefer Michael Bush in Rd 3 over DeShaun Wynn who I think is very likely. I'm starting to think that Michael Griffin is our #1 pick even if we have a good slection of others on the board. Griffin has lots of versatility, seems like a high character guy and isn't considered dumb like Nelson. He's a good ST player also.


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                Do you like Leon Hall in the 1st?

                Originally Posted by scottyboy
                my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                  Originally posted by Bills2083 View Post
                  Do you like Leon Hall in the 1st?
                  I personally don't. He's just not our type of CB, I'd rather go with Beason/Timmons/Branch/Nelson/Revis... At least one of them will be there.



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