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    I saw Scott updated the team needs and figured we could voice how we see them.

    For me IF Odell is allowed to come back and contribute.

    1. Cornerback
    Pretty obvious here. No depth and a 30+ year old that is inconsistent and in the coaches doghouse at the #2 spot.

    2. Saftey
    Dexter Jackson is adequate but is up there in age. We have no solid backup for either FS or SS (Ethan Kilmer is a massive project) and desperately need a playmaker at saftey that is capable of playing nickel back if needed (or maybe potentially CB in a bind).

    3. Defensive Tackle
    Domata Peko is a future starter at DT, every seems to not realize how good he was last year with the exception of us Bengals fans. They act as if Thornton is one of our best DT's, that's just not the case. Adams/Thornton/Robinson will be adequate for next year but after next season there will be massive changes at DT. However it's not lock to be a pick in the draft given how often Marvin goes DT in free agency.

    If Odell is not allowed to come back and contribute than the needs to me become...

    1. CB
    2. S
    3. LB because Landon/Ahmad/Jeanty/Henderson/Caleb is an average set of LB's... Nothing special though that's for sure.

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    I agree. I do not see LB as a pressing need UNLESS Odell cannot comeback. If he can it becomes a non-factor in the draft to me.

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      Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
      I agree. I do not see LB as a pressing need UNLESS Odell cannot comeback. If he can it becomes a non-factor in the draft to me.
      I agree 100%. LB will not be a problem if Odell is back and I pray that he will be. This would free up another pick for maybe a DT or Safety in round 2. I would love to know what Marvin is going to do with Odell. Doesn't he have to come back. I mean he sat out his year and now should be ready to go.
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        The only way i could part with Odell is if we get a 2nd rd or equivalent

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          Odell likely isn't too far from a lifetime suspecsion himself so I doubt he's in big demand by other teams. I do not really want us to take a LBer at #1 but as strong as we may feel we are, we have alot of questions about our entire corp. Brooks is all potential with not much experience, Caleb and Landon are good but both get pushed around and seem to get injured alot. Henderson is a question, Odell is a real question, Pollack is now a DE if he plays, Jeanty seems the most stable of the lot. Not exactly a real sound group. Still and all, I'm hoping for a CB with that first pick


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            Our LBs are fine for now. And they are actually fairly sound because of the depth. DB should be our number one priority.

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              ethan kilmer is not that big of a project, hes an excellent athlete with elite speed, is very smart, and is obviously a playmaker. he just needs the game experience at a single position instead of having him all over the place. i really wouldnt be surprised if this kid turns out to be a starter. FWIW

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                The problem at LB is that you have to almost discount Odell's return - he cannot be reinstated until July obviously well past the draft and even then he has missed a season. Brooks has massive potential but right now that is all it is. Miller is too light to be a full time starter and Johnson is simply average. Jeanty is a backup with some potential and again he is still new to the LB spot. Henderson is a project. AJ is another project.

                But in Marvin's Defense, the LB's are the KEY so this has to be a strong position not just an average one. I would have no issue with them selecting a LB in the first or second round.


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                  Corner - Joseph, Ratliff and O'Neal only experienced players on team. O'Neal is on the decline, so we need a starting caliber corner now.

                  Defensive tackle - Adams and Thornton are over 30, and could easily be replaced. Peko has the nose tackle spot covered, now it's time to address the under tackle.

                  Weak side linebacker - Whether or not Thurman returns doesn't change the fact that we have no worthy starters on the weak side.

                  Tight end - We need to bring in a young guy for the future.

                  Strong safety - We don't need a starter here, just someone who can be a solid backup and start in a year or two.


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                    I really wonder if they may end up cutting O'Neal after the draft. Do they really want to pay a guy big bucks if he's sour because he didn't get a new deal and he may just play as he did last year. Unless they have some kind of assurrances that he's over his pouting and ready to revert to his 2005 play, he could be gone if we get a Hall or Revis in Rd 1. I actually think we need his veteran leadership IF it is indeed leadership. Remember, Joseph was one of the few that didn't sit with the team at lunch and eat because he and O'Neal would wander off together to a restaurant while the rest of the guys got better acquainted as teammates sitting around the facility.


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                      Wtf does that mean. CJ goes the Micky D's everyday and doesn't eat the same stuff everyone else does and probably doesn't eat with the team sometimes but that doesn't mean hes not a team player. You guys have lost faith in AJ MAN!!! I guarantee he will be the starter at either MLB or WLB by the end of the year. He is a stud and playmaker we need at the LB spot.

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                        Coach Lewis isn't really gonna bite on the needs thing.

                        That's what irritates us fans so much, cuz we want our holes to be plugged.

                        GM's and Coaches usually don't see it that way.

                        Get a DT, LB, CB, WR and QB, and I'm good.

                        Oh, and an extra RB.
                        Tony Hunt would be nice.
                        Smash-mouth AFC north style.
                        He would be great in the cold weather.
                        Doesn't matter if it is all fat, if he can move better covered in fat, more power to him. SAINTS-TIGERS

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