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  • just checking if my avatar works


    • Originally posted by impy
      just checking if my avatar works
      Too big...


      • I've been reading some of the posts here; and I really think at this point, DE is a dead position earlier than the 4th for the Bengals.

        Unless something completely ridiculous happens like if Gaines Adams fell to the 2nd (COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS) then maybe.
        But after franchising Justin Smith (which I consider a very good move -especially if they manage to sign him long-term instead of keeping the franchise tender) and resigning Geathers (another even more solid move), I don't think there's any realistic way they are going to draft a DE on day one.

        I also don't think that they are going to address TE on day one.
        They've got enough offensive firepower as is, and Carson is lobbying for Reggie Kelly to be his main TE (receiving or no.)

        I, personally, am rooting for Matt Spaeth in the fourth.

        So now, I'm most rooting for
        Landry (though I don't think he's got any chance to fall to us -contrary to some of the professional mocks I've seen)
        then Willis,
        in the first.

        Who knows what could possibly happen in the second?
        I'm hoping for either a Meriweather or Chris Houston (assuming they DON'T draft a DB in the first) or maybe Jon Beason (if they DON'T address LB in the first.)

        I don't see too much value for a DT in the second; there's too much talent drop-off after Pitcock as near as I can see, for a DT in the second to be feasible.

        Really and truly, though, I'm putting all of my faith into whoever Marvin drafts (like I have a choice, I know, but follow my sentiment if you would.)

        Marvin hasn't led us astray so far, (you can't count Frostee Rucker; he hasn't even been on the field yet) so why question him?

        So far he's done nothing but build this team through the draft and he's done a fantastic job of it; he can't help it that some of the guys he had to draft (because the team had no talent) had character concerns.
        Many of those guys probably won't be with the team this year anyway or they are in Marv's doghouse.

        Matthias Askew? Gone.

        Eric Steinbach? (As good as) gone.

        Deltha O'Neal? On Marv's crap-list, and eventually probably gone.

        Reggie McNeal? Why are we concerned about him? Is he somehow a leader on our team? Have I fallen through a cosmic bunnyhole or something? He's not exactly a marquee guy.

        Frostee Rucker? He's evidently a prick (spouse-abuser) but he still hasn't seen the field yet. Give him a chance on the field. . . until then, remember he's a third round pick; the Broncos burned a 3rd on Maurice Clarett in how long? If memory serves, he didn't even make it to the pre-season. So it's not like we're wed to Rucker if he does screw around and make this mistake again.

        JonJo? I heard the coaches seem to believe that it was just a one-time thing with him, and that it won't happen again.

        Thurman and Henry? Okay, you got me on them. They have the talent if they'd stop screwing around.

        You want to point out for me the four or five guys that were actually worth anything before Marvin got here?
        Most of the people he inherited weren't worth anything one way or another; and the few who really were have been kept (or at least were kept.)

        So why are we on the cusp of being a high-caliber take-no-prisoners type of football team?
        It's because Marvin and Mike B. built the Bengals back up USING THE DRAFT!!
        Gambling big on these guys so far has paid off fairly well, and I think they realize now, that they have enough talent that they no longer HAVE to take those same gambles.

        So hooray for Marv and Mike.
        They deserve a pat on the back.
        They deserve some trust.


        • My friend played basketball with Chris Henry last night . I wish I could've made it.

          Marvin has been great in the draft. Really Keiwan is the only high value pick he's made that hasn't turned out well (with the exception of injuries/off field... They all have shown the talent). Guys like Weathersby/Odell/Henry/Pollack were worth the risk even though they haven't turned out of the best. Odell was still insanely productive his rookie year as we all know.

          I'm not sold we'll take a MLB. We have potentially Odell, if not then Nicholson and Ahmad. Timmons it he LB I think we may take in the 1st to play either WLB or SLB.

          I don't want Merriweather, yes the shooting wasn't initiated by him but where there's smoke there's fire so IMO it'd just be best to avoid him although I don't see him getting to us in the 2nd. Someone will give him a chance. Chris Houston has been underrated for months and the combine will finally put him up early 2nd or late 1st.

          Beason I could see falling to us. If we take a CB in the 1st there's potential he falls and he's got the speed Marvin obsesses over.


          • I say we go after Greg Olson now 4"45 wow what Freak of a TE
            Or Maybe even Ryan Kalil I really liked him in the Combine Today


            • Originally posted by CincinnatiBengals15
              I say we go after Greg Olson now 4"45 wow what Freak of a TE
              Or Maybe even Ryan Kalil I really liked him in the Combine Today
              Ghiaciuc wasn't bad at the end of the year and Wilkerson has potential as well. I do like Kalil as a player though.

              Olsen=no chance.


              • DE is definetly a need but when you've got one of the worst secondaries in the NFL you need to invest in that with the first couple of picks.

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                • DB is our number one problem.
                  I will be floored if we dont take a DB in the first round
                  and i will be mildly suprised if not in the first 2

                  The Twitters


                  • There is no use in drafting a center when we already have Ghiacuic and Wilkerson on the roster...


                    • if okoye is there in the first then take him but after that i am torn between db or patrick willis if he is there. i am hoping that if we take something other than db in the first that we could houston in the second.


                      • I say we take Leon Hall if he is there he reminds me of Ty Law because they said Ty Law was not that fast but look how he turned out


                        • Leon Hall reminds me of Tory James if that tells you anything. He could be solid in a cover 2 scheme but not ours.

                          I'd love Houston in the 2nd but after Tuesday he won't be underrated anymore. Guys like Fred Bennett/Johnathan Wade could be though.

                          One of the safties or Revis is what I'm hoping for, Timmons if he went to WLB.


                          • first is probably going to be BPA regardless of position from what Bresnahan said on the bengals website.

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                            Gamertag= ELDUDERINO1165


                            • Originally posted by themaninblack
                              first is probably going to be BPA regardless of position from what Bresnahan said on the bengals website.
                              Which it should be. Luckily that BPA will be a defener anyway more than likely.


                              • I think CIN takes Houston, Revis, Beason, Poz, Willis, or Timmons. I say Beason, but I wouldn't be surprised if its Poz.
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