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    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ View Post
    I was PISSED when I first heard this. I was gone and had no access to TV/internet but I had someone text me the pick and I was like WTF.

    When I saw that Harris and Durant went right before him it eased the pain. Just unfortunate really.

    Rudi isn't going to last forever and last year defenses just got used to seeing the same guy out there every run. Plus the last year I've been dreading the event that Rudi went down. Kenny Watson or Quincy Wilson aren't going to cut it.

    I still think it would've been best to wait till day 2 to take a RB but the way the draft went we were kinda SOL.
    Good post. When you actually look at the players who were available and taken in the next 10 picks, none of them would have been a better pick, IMO. We could have reached a little for a DE like Abiamiri or Moses. There weren't any LBs taken in the vicinity. We could have reached for someone like Buster Davis.

    Let's face some hard facts too. Our offense has been much, much better when Perry has been healthy (2005 for example) but he isn't likely to be healthy in 2007 and may never regain that burst and cutting ability that makes him who he is. And Rudi is solid and runs hard, but he isn't a great NFL RB. His longest run all of last season was 22 yards. Considering the number of touches he gets, that is absolutely terrible.

    Also, 2 RBs is the obvious trend in the NFL. Look at the last 4 teams alive in the playoffs last season: Indy split carries between Addai and Rhodes, Chicago split carries between Jones and Benson, New Orleans split carries between Bush and McAllister, New England split carries between Dillon and Maroney. Watson is solid but I wouldn't want him getting 100 carries like all of these other guys on good teams did.



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