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  • UDFAs?

    any one know who we picked up as undrafted free agents?

    Originally posted by mythbusta
    i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
    who dey?

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    Georgetown College quarterback Jeff Smith
    lllinois State linebacker Cameron Siskowic
    Hawaii right tackle Dane Uperesa
    Florida linebacker Earl Everett
    BYU tight end Daniel Coats
    North Carolina wide reciever Jesse Holley
    Missouri defensive lineman Xzavie Jackson


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      I like the Everett signing. I was hoping we would draft him rd 7

      The Twitters


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        Holley has some potential as well. Jersey boy, I believe he played some basketball as well and was a fairly high profile recruit for UNC. It'd be nice to see him do something at the pro level. But the Everett signing is the best on that list IMO.


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          lllinois State linebacker Cameron Siskowic
          Tackle Machine. He will make a great practice squad player. He doesn't really have the measurables but is always around the ball. I could see him becoming a real good special teamer if he does make the squad (unlikely). He has a solid character so he will not cause problems. He was originally a DI LB with Washington State but transferred to ISU. Was named Gateway conference player of the year with 154 tackles 2 Sacks 2 INT's and 3 FF's. Also was named Defensive MVP in the Texas vs Nation All-star classic.

          Any other questions are welcomed just giving you my opinion of him.

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            The list is posted ont he Bengals website now.


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              Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
              I like the Everett signing. I was hoping we would draft him rd 7
              I agree, good pickup, I was hoping for a LB the whole draft.

              ^Thanks BK!


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                i wouldnt be surprised if earl everett makes the team and not only kills on ST but has a shot at getting some PT at LB.

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                  I think Henderson makes the team before Everett but I also think Frazier will be gone and maybe Nicholson too so that leaves room for both Everett and Henderson.


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                    Yeah I'm not sure what to think of Everetts chances.

                    You have to think Henderson is a lock with all the buzz around him. Frazier could be gone, Hartwells signing just makes him take over Pollacks roster spot. Nicholson and Everett could be battling it out.



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