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    Scott sure picked our draft apart didn't he? I thought he was overly critical in his analsys and not to mention I thinks he's way off as well. Talking about irons only adding to the depth chart even though Chris Perry is gonna start the season on PUP. He then called Marvin White underrated but then says we reached in the 4th for him? I think we addressed our needs the best way we could and I think atleast 3 of them will help the team in 07. What do you guys think?

    Been pretty slow on these forums :)

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    Agreed about Irons.

    People seem to think Perry is going to be ready but I expect him to start his 2nd straight season out on PUP. Not to mention he won't be re-signed in my eyes so we would need a RB next year anyway and given the defenders left at our pick it wasn't worth reaching.

    I too got the vibe he thought we reached for White, have no idea why... That may not have been what he meant.

    I give it a B-, good picks at the spots but not a lot for big impact guys.

    And yeah, it's been slow for sure haha, I've been busy and when I have the time I really can't find much for worthy news lol.


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      Personally i think White was a steal in the 4th. I thought he could go to in the 3rd easily.


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        Originally posted by Green Bay Scat View Post
        Personally i think White was a steal in the 4th. I thought he could go to in the 3rd easily.
        I think at the very least he was good value there, he's easily my favorite pick of the draft.


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          i totally disagree with some of scott's remarks especially about marvin white and kenny irons. from all indications i've heard irons has shown good hands out of the backfield, and while he may not fill an urgent need he was def BPA and will have a big impact THIS season, imo. Marvin White is going to be a good one too and his remarks on him were quite redundant.

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            Frankly, I was most annoyed at his listing of WR depth as one of the teams biggest unfilled needs, even ahead of d-line. Yes, not having Henry is not good, but it's only 8 games and TP should be just fine, and then our depth from there back is terrific (Brazell, Chatman, Green, McNeal in a pinch). I was also surprised he was so critical of the Irons pick, especially with the importance he tends to place on value. After the defensive run, there really wasn't any question, especailly with CP's inability to stay healthy and our reliance on a 2-back system.

            All that said, I wouldn't have graded our draft much higher, C+ or B- maybe, and most of his analysis talent-wise I thought was very good.

            Off-topic, what do you guys think of this assault accusation against Odell? Seems like complete bs to me, just guys wanting to stir up trouble, but I'm curious about your take. Link below.



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              It seems made up to me but if charges are filed I would say he's gone unfortunatly. I was really hopinh he could get back on track and provide at the very least some competition(i think he would start eventually). Guess we will just have to wait and see.


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                IMO Irons will have as big of an impact this year as Hall will.

                Our WR's are fine as well, no rookie would help us out this year. Tab can be a very solid #3 and we saw the potential last year with Bennie. Chatman is a solid vet, he just needs to stay healthy.

                With Henry out and Scott thinking WR is a need that only further justifies the Irons pick. He was BPA and will help the offense.


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                  Originally posted by lost33cause View Post
                  Been pretty slow on these forums :)
                  Yeah well it's the offseason, very little going on right now.

                  And I think he was a bit hard on you guys, but he wasn't too far off, your draft was decent but not good.

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                    Like I said, I don't think we hit any home runs really but given the situations we made some of the best picks available. It's like we're at fault for having a solid team that doesn't have a lot of immediate holes.

                    I give it a C+ or B-. Or a B+ if you include the Ahmad pick.


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                      Add Brooks to what we got in the draft and all of the sudden our draft is looking very good. Remember, we now have no MLB since Odell is likely done and Broks would have certainly been a #1 pick this year. I hated seeing us take a RB but it made sense when we heard that Perry is on PUP and I'm betting he doesn't return to the Bengals unless we see an injury early on to Rudi or Irons. We needed Safety depth and even the ND kid who is very raw but a real specimen may turn out to be a good safety. Our draft isn't flashy, but our defense will be much improved


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                        Why do you say Odell looks to be done? He hasn't done anything wrong since he was suspended. He will be back on the team and probably starting on the weak side by kick-off of the first game.


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                          I hope you're right about Odell. I always thought he carried that attitude we were missing. To have he and Brooks and Hartwell on the field would be fabulous


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                            Odell and hartwell won't be on the field at same time unless odell is in the middle with brooks playing strong side but i doubt it.



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