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Who will or won't be around this season?

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  • Who will or won't be around this season?

    I'm not considering contractual factors as I'm not inclined to put forth that much effort(I am after all the laziest man in Montgomery County, which puts me high in the running for laziest worldwide) but with the imminent switch to a 43 there will be a lot of turnover.

    The only front 7 defenders I would consider locks to make the team are Gocong, Fujita and Rubin. Maybe DQ if he can stay healthy.

    It saddens me to say this, but Roth, Trus and Robaire Smith seem like goners

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    As far as the front seven goes, Robaire Smith may retire considering he's 32 and had a back injury last season. If he doesn't retire I'd like to see him remain with the team and play next to Rubin as our two starting DT's. Even if they are able to draft Dareus or Fairley, Smith could rotate in with the other two. Smith has been hurt alot the past two seasons so hard to rely on him to complete a full season.

    Roth probably doesn't fit the 4-3 real well. I don't see him as a DE, or being fast enough to play OLB. If they believe he's strong enough to play DE maybe he's re-signed, but I don't see it happening.

    Trusnik I think will stay and compete for a backup job. Really depends on who they bring in via the draft and eventually FA, whether or not he can make the team. Unless they keep him for ST's. My guess is he makes the team.

    Shaefering, if still under contract, may be on the bubble. He would make a good backup until they get enough players with better talent. I do think he's good enough to keep as a backup, but obviously is far from an elite talent. Like his effort and size for the D-line, however.

    I felt they made a mistake letting Coleman go. We don't exactly have Reggie White waiting in the wings to take over a DE starting job.

    DE Jayme Mitchell was traded for during the season, probably because they thought he could help this coming season as a 4-3 DE. I don't know much about him, or if he'll be a backup or starter.

    Glad the draft is deep with DL talent because we need to bring in at least two or three good players along the line. Can't predict what FA will bring so have to get them in the draft.

    Fujita, Gocong, and Jackson will give us a decent starting LB'ing group. Trusnik and Benard will probably be two of the backups, with another back-up not being on the team yet. Titus Brown probably wont make the team. Costanzo will be a ST's ace again, no doubt, and a 3rd string backup maybe.

    A few weeks ago I'd didn't understand the Von Miller hype, but he's growing on me to some extent. I still don't want him at #6, but do believe he could help the Browns at OLB. Just needs to increase his strength which will happen with a team's strength program. Probably would be a luxury pick for us at #6 considering we have players who can start this year at OLB, and the fact we have many needs elsewhere.


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      I see Benard staying too but expect him to move to RDE. Schaefering probably makes it as well but you gotta figure we'll take at least 3 DL in the draft.

      Anyone expect Eric Wright to still be around next yr?



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