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Isaiah Stanback -- Highlight Film (5:24)

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    Originally posted by Dcboys94 View Post
    from what im hearin dude is both austin and hurd are tearing it up. who cares about an explosive downfield type that stuff bores me. production is the only thing i care about. i think as of now hurd is more polished than Austin but i like them both to be our future 1 and 2 guys.(dont matter which is which either.)
    Can not argue with your sentiment. Want them both to succeed with us.


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      Originally posted by robert_in_bigd View Post
      Can someone explain the excitement over the developmental WR with no body of work in the NFL and a (reach) 4th round tag??

      If not for the Jerry Jones "new new thing" mindset this guy would be cut soon.

      Hurd, Crayton and Austin are all capable starters. Austin, with his talent, maybe a #1.

      Kind of sounding like all the Pettiti noise of some years back. Lots of noise but .......
      Oldie but goodie.


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        Originally posted by Modano View Post
        First, we haven't seen Stanback playing yet so we don't know what he is capable of.
        Second, if Austin was so good why he is stucked behind Crayton and Austin? The WR, outside of the top 3, who is playing really good in camp is Hurd, not Austin... Austin hasn't played a single action at WR other than in preseason, I don't know how you can say he could be a #1...
        Oldie but goodie.



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