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Break Out Season for Anthony Henry in Big D????

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  • Break Out Season for Anthony Henry in Big D????

    Everyone has their opinions on who will benefit the most from Wade Philips's 3-4 ,but noone has yet to mention Anthony Henry. He has been solid under Bill's system but occasionally struggled to cover speedy WR's. If the scheme works to its full potential the pass rush should force opposing QB's to get rid of the ball quickly. This plays into Henry's style.... he can come up and bump recievers w/o the constant worry of getting burnt deep. He should get plenty of balls thrown his way considering his shutdown counterpart T-New. Thats not nessecerily a bad thing considering his hands are pretty nice w/ 22 career ints and 63 pass def.

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    One thing worth the weak side CB is going to be playing deep thirds a lot of the time in this scheme. While this can cause a younger defense to be confused our CB's have been together 3 years now...and letting henry cover a deep third should help with his one on one match-up problems.


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      yeah if he can stay healthy he will have a good season.


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        Henry is the perfect CB for Wade's scheme. He prefers physical corners who can disrupt routes early and create time for early success at blitzing. Teams that can attack early with quick strikes on offense have a better chance at beating our D.


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          Breakout season? I wouldn't call it that. I mean it's not like he's been bad for us. Did everybody forget his first year with Dallas? He was the saving grace after years of rotating journey men and inexperienced draft picks at CB. He played absolutely great for us, the perfect compliment to Terrence. He had a down year last year, got picked on a little bit, no denying that. But again, with a full year to recover from his injuries, with a balanced and experienced defense we have now, I expect a return to form more then a breakout season for henry.


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            Would it really be a breakout season if he had a good year? Two years ago he was on pro bowl pace until he got hurt. I'd say he's lined up to have a good year. He's in a new scheme that can utilize his talents best and he won't be forced to cover speedy wr's all the time.


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              I agree. He is agood cornerback. I would say he is expected to do well. No one expects him to be mediocre
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