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Cowboys vs. Vikings

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    Originally posted by Jdallas View Post
    So Carpenter taking a wrong initial step, failing to react to the movement of the linemen and getting caught up in the wash means nothing. I didn't TIVO the game, but I know what I saw Carpenter do on that play and throughout the whole game.

    I'm a big Carpenter supporter, but from the Vikings game he has taken a huge step back from where he was at the end of last season.
    Well, first he is in a new postion AGAIN .... so blame the coaches for that one and the drafting of Spencer.

    AND second, he does play the Donnie Edwards position -- which means he has primary responsbility in the linebacking corps for pass coverage.

    So, I agree he was not pounding away in the running game but it was GAME 4 of preseason and his role was not to pound away but play a second line of defense.

    He was in the right place on the play mentioned .... he just was 2 yards off the LOS and taking on a Guard.

    It was the other ILB who got blown off the LOS where Pinner ran through for the TD.



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