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Parcells wanted to be Giant's GM, while still with the "Boys

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    Originally posted by Paul View Post
    Although it was a big loss when we lost Ellis last year, the crumbling of our defense was during the game against the Saints. Where Sean Peyton did a great job of exposing our weaknesses. Even though it was late in the year, other teams took notice.
    I agree. He definately showed the blueprint. However, I always go back to the Seattle game. That game, the defense as a whole played very well, and Holmgren tried doing many of the same things that Payton did. But the main difference in that game was Carpenter breaking out and playing like a legit pass rusher opposite of Ware. And you saw the results. The defense did not lose that game. The offense did.


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      Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
      Something you should learn...

      Well, I do know that BBD is a big fan of Parcells schemes, so you're probably right. Just not sure if he was part of the group of guys that acknowledged that his schemes were turning vanilla.
      Please point to 1 contradiction I have made. And take note of difference between I wish and I expect in my posts. very important.

      Not one Parcells fan has ever said BP ran a complicated D.

      In fact, BP's lack of complication is what made his D's highly successful versus the Niners, Bills and other high powered teams.

      It basically relies on each player doing their assigned task and manning up. No need to **** and move and juke and fake and ......

      Not gimmicks to cover up player's weaknesses -- like pretending your SS should be a linebacker by relieving him of any TE or FB coverage duties.

      But BP is gone and a new set of ideas are here.


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        Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
        I agree. He definately showed the blueprint.
        Yeah, the blue print is make the FS, Bradie Jame and Roy Williams cover your third to fifth reads.



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