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  • Dal VS NYG game analysis

    I have mixed emotions about the game.... I thought the offense played a very efficient game with the exception of a few stupid mistakes. The defense did not fair as well as I hoped with the exception of Ware, Ratliff, and Spencer.

    Romo played like a pro-bowl quarterback taking everything the Giants would give him. Despite a sluggish opening drive he managed to complete 63% of his passes avg 23 yards per completion which is rediculous. In addition, he was very slippery in the pocket, avoiding several pontential sacks.

    I didn't feel Julius played as well as his stats would lead you to believe. His 16 rushes for 66 yards (4.1 ypa) look good on paper but, if you take out his 21 yard run he was only avg 3 ypa. IMO he still doesn't explode into the hole like he did his rookie season and would rather run away from the defense than cut back into a lane. He did look good in pass protection off of play-action passes. Garrett should use more draws and screens to allow let julius work in space more often.

    Marion Barber seemed to run the ball with purpose 11 for 65 yards(5.9 ypa) and just to make it fair if you take his longest carry of the day 19 yards he still avg 4.6 ypa. He attacked the line of scrimmage and was not afraid to put his head down and create his own holes. He scared me a little when he bounced outside on the fourth down play but, broke a wilson shoe string tackle and took it to the house. 19 yards of his 29 reception were all marion w/ a little help from a sweet block by TO. I could be a little bias but, I like the way Barber will run through a defense (even as he is going out of bounds) compared to Jones's style of running to the sidelines or the turf.

    Hoyte played pretty well... I saw several plays in which Hoyte did a great job of picking up the blitz. He didn't really pancake anyone in the running game but, did a decent job of picking up his assignments.

    Jason Witten had an amazing game and other than Romo was the offense's MVP. Did a great job of working the middle of the field, beating defenders in man coverage and sitting in soft portions of zone coverage (see his TD) Would have had even more yardage if Romo didnt over throw him running wide open on a seam route and Flo wasn't called for holding. Helped Colombo alot by double-teaming on Strahan and chipping defenders as he broke into his routes. Also, was solid when motioned into a h-back role in several situations serving as a lead blocker.

    TO had a very productive night, scoring on 2 out of three catches and totaling 87 yards (29ypc) and even better 0 drops. 2 of his catches were on bad throws... he caught a pass on a crossing route that was over his head and slightly behind him. He was also thrown on the go route for a TD managing to tip the ball to himself and put both feet down. His good night goes far beyond his catches. I can't count how many times i seen TO seeled of DB's on running plays and he also had a great block on the toss to MBIII. Also coverage was rolled to TO alot in the first half opening the middle of the field for J-Witt to have a field day. Garrett should run him across the middle more often taking advantage of his big body and great YAC ability.

    Crayton did a solid job in place of Terry Glenn, although he is not a burner he has a very soft pair of hands. Made a a nice catch in zone coverage going up for a ball that was a little high. Blocked pretty well on the run and and avg about 7.5 yards on punt returns.

    Hurd is faster than i thought he was and did a good job of getting inside position on the defender.

    Flo still needs some work getting called for both holding and false start penalties. Im glad he worked didnt have to work against Osi the whole game. I think he will be fine he just needs more reps against pass rushers. Punched some holes in the running game which is pretty much his calling card.

    Kosier looked horrible IMO. He got pushed back pass blocking and absolutely got owned by Justin Tuck on the only sack of the night. He also got collapsed on several run plays. The only value he has on the line is his ability to pull, which wasn't done at all the whole game. Garrett must call more traps and screens for Kosier to serve any purpose at all.

    Gurode looked alright in the game. I didn't notice anything spectacluar, but I also wasn't cussing him out the entire game like I was Kosier. He was called for a holding penalty but i thought it was a little ticky tack.

    Davis looked like a monster in the run game and surprised me by getting up to the second level on several occasions. Pass protection wasn't great but it was servicable. I hope he carries MBIII in his back pocket the entire season. Was called for a false start.

    Colombo was the most impressive lineman IMO. Granted he faced a Michael Strahan who has only practiced for a week and had plenty of help, still he allowed 0 sacks and had 0 penalties i can remember. I watched Colombo put Tuck on his butt twice and stone wall Strahan a handful of times.

    Spears only had 1 tackle and really didnt creat much pressure at all. He was also man handled against the run. Hopefully the Giant's o-line is just that good and our d-line isn't just that bad.

    Fergy- is done for the season... which is really bad news. We have no true nose tackle. I dont think there is anyone out on the waiver wire so we may have to trade for a big body and hope for the best.

    Canty got more pressure than Spears but still wasn't the type of pressure that I would expect from a Wade Phillips one gap DE. Did a nice job of splitting a double and getting ward in the backfield, but other than that blah.

    Ware got moved around alot... he was doubled on most plays and still managed at least 3 pressures but 0 sacks. Hopefully Wade finds a way to get Ware in the backfield a couple seconds faster so those pressures become sacks.

    James showed some fire which I liked.. he does look alot faster than last season but, seemed to get eaten up by the guards when trying to blitz up the middle.

    Ayodele played with good speed but also got no pressure when blitzing. Also got caught guessing on a couple play-action passes.

    Spencer looked very good for a rookie in his very first start. He was involved in at least 3 QB pressures and came inches of getting a sack on Eli. Side note( Was involved on both the Eli and Jacobs injuries) meaning he quite possible could have saved us the game.

    Henry got beat off his press coverage several times including the first TD of the game to Plax. He simply does not have the speed to keep up with a WR if they get the first step on him. After getting burnt on the press he decided to leave a 10 yard cushion on any WR lined against him giving the WR's underneath routes all day.

    Reeves was also giving 10-15 yard cushions allowing WR to run all over the field. He had the speed to run with Plax and Toomer but simply gave up entirely to much space between himself and the WR. Made a good play on the Int but only because Plax slipped. I could't help but laugh when Reeves and canty barreled into each other on the return.

    I am not entirely sold on Hamlin as the secondary's savior. He got sucked in on play action too many times and was stupid enough to slap Brandon Jacob with the ref standing right between them. Also thought he should have had an interception when the giants when for it on 4th and 2 but im glad he at least knocked it down.

    Roy was Roy ... solid against the run. No one got jacked up this week which was disappointing. The only play in pass coverage I can definetly say he blew was the TD to Plax in the back of the endzone. He was supposed to have inside coverage and basically lost track of Plax while starring down Eli.

    McBriar= 2008 Probowl

    Folk made his only attempt of the game and booted everyone of his kickoffs to the 1 or further. If this continues say goodbye to Martin.

    Tyson Thompson looked good on his kick returns and the fumble before the half probably had more to do with Curtis letting his man have a free shot than Tyson being careless with the ball.

    Hopefully T-new will be back by next week.... we can find someone who can play the nose.... Canty and Spears get some pressure on the QB..... and the run defense can sure itself up.

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    Your offense is studly. Romo is legit, and the passing game is lethal.

    I have no idea why Jones continues to touch the ball so much. Barber should get 80% of the touches, and be spelled by Jones when he's tired. Barber is 10X the RB Jones is.

    Offense is fine.

    The defense however...oh boy. Look, I know Newman wasn't out there, but still. That was atrocious. Remember I said, that last year when your team blitzed like hell, those were the games when they gave up the most points? Look at this game. 35 points, and couldve been more if Eli didn't get hurt. We NEVER scored that much against you guys last year, and thats with Tiki Barber and Petitgout. We moved the ball at will on this defense.

    The pass rush is improved yes, but no where near SD. And I know you lost Ferguson, but we threw the ball 41 times. It wasn't the run game that torched you, it was the pass game. And Ferguson doesn't help much there anyway.

    If this Dallas defense plays like that all season, you guys are no where near SB caliber. I know its just one game, but to me it looks like the same issues you had last year are rearing their head this year. Players make plays, and quite frankly, outside of Ware and Newman, it doesn't seem like your defense has many great players on it. Spencer did good, but he was benefiting from overload blitzes. Im not ready to call him a stud just yet.


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      Let's face it, Newman is the key to our defense. Phillips wasn't able to bring all the blitzes that he normally would have bc he was trying to protect the secondary.


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        Originally posted by leroyisgod View Post
        Let's face it, Newman is the key to our defense. Phillips wasn't able to bring all the blitzes that he normally would have bc he was trying to protect the secondary.
        He will definately improve it, but I think people are overrating how much he'll improve it by. Wade brings the heat regardless. He never had a Newman in SD, and he still brought it.

        I saw plenty of blitzes and stunts etc during that game. It just didn't get there as well as you wanted it to. And thats mainly because the front 3 isn't as good as SD's.

        Let's not forget either, you didn't exactly go against a chump offense either. Our offense has potential of being great. If Eli can play like that every week, he's a PBer (as well as Romo of course). Actually lemme rephrase that. If our oline can play like that every week, we can have a great offense. Ive never been too worried about Eli. I know he'll be fine.


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          Is it just me, or does Julius Jones have poor vision? He looks like the NFC version of Willis McGahee out there.
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            I am, frankly, a little worried. I usually think of myself as pretty level headed. I didnt freak out when glenn and newman and ellis were hurt, but...

            Ferguson scares me. Our D-line is horrible IMO. This makes it really bad, as Ferguson was the only strong link in the dl chain. The running back that seemed to have a feild day was who??? What happens when we play any of the top tier running backs.

            If we can not get to the quarterback with four people blitzing, this will be a broblem later. It makes me mad now.

            I agree with NJ Wittn fan. Spencer, Ratliff and Ware appeared to know what they were doing. The rest seemed to look like a bunch of 5 year olds playing soccer. Chasing the ball around the feild, wherever it goes.
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              Anyone else starting to think we may need to go with a DL with Cleveland's pick? I'm thinking Dorsey from LSU would look pretty good with a star on his helmet.
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                I'll take this win over a divisional rival any day of the week. Its still pretty amazing to me how we won without Terry Glenn, without Terence Newman, without Greg Ellis, without Jason Ferguson, and without Aaron Glenn (cut). It was very apparent that Reeves was going to get picked on all day. IF NEWMAN was there Plaxico wouldn't be in the picture (aside from that one TD Henry gave up) and the Giants don't put up that many points.

                Lets not forget it being the first game of the season. Players are still adjusting to Wade's scheme. We did a good job winning with what we had.
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                  Originally posted by Macarthur View Post
                  Anyone else starting to think we may need to go with a DL with Cleveland's pick? I'm thinking Dorsey from LSU would look pretty good with a star on his helmet.
                  I dont think Dorsey is a good fit in the 3-4. I wouldnt mind going after chris long


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                    I cant beleive I am going to agree, but at this point, our dl is by far the weak link on this team.

                    I dont care if we have to use both first round picks, I want a front three like NE or SD!!!
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                      Calias Campbell is the only person who looks like a top 10 lock at this point. Chris Long is probably a early teens guy...kinda in the carriker mold I would say. Just to put it into perspective of if we are really going to go DE early.

                      I don't see it...Canty is good. Spears is underachieving so do what you want with him. Hatcher has been active in the offseason lets see him get his legs under him before we start talking about drafting DE. I understand it's a need. But we do have the bodies....I'll need till about week 8 to decide if DE with our first is even an slight option.



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