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    I'm watching the tape of the Miami game to see how effective our pass rush was. That's a breakdown of the passing plays (Green tried to pass 40 times).

    1st Quarter

    The tape begins at 12:23 in the first, so I missed a couple of plays.

    12:23 - Nickel Package, the d-line jumps outside and then stop, Satele snapped the ball and caught them off balance. It's a 4 men rush against 6 men blocking, Green is able to throw with ease.

    12:02 - 5 men rush. Ware is doubled, he had to go againts the RT and the FB, Spencer couldn't beat the LT in time, but Ratliff destroyed the box from the inside, forcing Green to run and being tackled 4 yards downfield by Spencer.

    9:19 - Dolphins stayed with 6 men blocking. Dallas blitzed Ware and Spencer. Ware is doubled once again (RT and FB), Green completed a checkdown pass to Brown, Ware is half a second late, hitting Green just a moment after he throwed the ball. Ratliff had great penetration and almost caught Green too.

    7:18 - Nickel package, Dallas blitzed both Roy and Burnett. It's third and 14, the Dolphins can't stay in max protection, the leave only one TE to help the line. Roy blitzed againts the TE, Burnett is facing the LT. Roy throwed his man to Green caughting him from behind, Burnett beated his man one on one stepping into Green face. Green was forced to throw an errant ball to the ground.

    2nd Quarter

    15:00 - Brown stayed to help the line and picked up Ratliff who had beat his man and was coming to Green. Ware and Spencer are one on one against the tackle but they couldn't get to the QB. The pass is picked off by Henry.

    10:18 - Immediate pass to the WR.

    9:55 - James blitzed up the middle and sacked Green immediately

    1:54 - Miami stayed with 6 in protection, Dallas blitzed Spencer, Ware dropped in coverage. Spencer wasn't able to beat the TE, Green is not hurried but his throw is caught out of bounds.

    1:21 - Nickel package, no blitzes, Miami stayed with 6, no pressure but the ball is dropped.

    1:20 - Nickel, no blitzes, Miami stayed with 6 (Ware doubled), Spencer was just half a second away from getting to Green. The pass is incomplete

    1:13 - Nickel package, Dallas blitzed Burnett, while the Dolphins kept a RB to help the line. The pressure was coming late from Burnett and Green was able to complete a pass in the middle of the field. Ware was doubled.

    0:55 - Here Green made a great play to escape from pressure. Nickel package, no blitzes, Miami didn't kept a RB or a TE t hel the line. Ratliff got to Green but he escaped, then Ware got to him but wasn't able to put him down and finally Green throwed a checkdown pass for almost no gain when Hatcher had him in his arms.

    0:42 - Nickel, Ware doubled once again, matching the LT with the help of a RB. Green completed the pass.

    0:16 - Nickel, no blitzes. This time bot Canty and Ware got doubled, Ware tried to twist inside but was picked by the G and the C, Canty rush outside and was picked by the LT and a RB. Hatcher and Ratliff went one on one with the RG and RT. Ratliff made the RG look silly with a great move and hit Green just half a second before he released the ball. The result is a bad incomplete pass.

    I'll do the breakdown for the second half later. As we can see, the pressure wasn't as bad as someone thinks, and I think that with Newman back we'll generate more sacks. Miami stayed often with 6 even 7 guys blocking, and it's very hard to beat 6-7 men without blitzing. With Newman back we will able to blitz more and the QB will need a second more to throw the ball. This second is the difference between an hurried and a sack, or between a good throw and a bad one.

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      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine View Post
      There is definitely some cause for concern, but there is not enough evidence to start calling for people's heads.
      Not ever if you like the player (Dave Kingman Clone). Don't cut their heads just roll out a new excuse (or 5).

      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine View Post
      This defense is likely going to determine how far we go this season. If it improves to a top 10 or even top 15 unit, I think we will definitely make the playoffs, barring further injury, of course.
      Well those are fairly low expectations for a Defense with 7 #1 drafts picks (Ware, Ellis, Spears, Dave Kingman SS, TNew, Carpenter, Spencer) and three high priced FA (Henry, Fergie and Ayodele).

      So, no one is panicking. Just disappointed the new new scheme is no better so far and maybe worse than the old scheme.


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        This shows Ratliff had a good game. He is making the loss of Furgy less noticeable of he can keep playing at this level.



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