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"False Start, #76, Offense, 5 Yards" has got to go!

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  • "False Start, #76, Offense, 5 Yards" has got to go!

    I'm speaking, of course, of Flozell Adams. This guy is good for 3 - 5 False Start penalties each game, and there's no good excuse for it. How long has Adams been in the league? 8, 9 years? Why do we put up with this?

    I don't care how effective Adams is, I am sick of hearing "False Start, #76, Offense, 5 Yards." The Cowboys should make LT a high priority in the offseason, perhaps McQuistan or Free.

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    Yeah hes probably gone next season.


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      He's actually good for 1 per game not 3-5. He did have two today, but he's averaged 15 penalties per year.

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      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
      I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.


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        Sometimes, you don't know what you've missed until it's gone.

        While I would like him replaced, I want an upgrade... ya know? How many are really out there?


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          Give me a break. He doesn't get 3 or 5 per game.

          Hey, anyone else notice that Jason Taylor was non-factor yesterday? Some of you folks need to be carful what you wish for.
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            Flozell has been back to his 2003 form so far this year.

            While I am just as ****** off as the rest of you at his lack of discipline in regard to this issue.....its not like you can dial 1-800 and get a high quality Left Tackle! (You have to miss BP's one liners, don't you?)

            I certainly would love to have an Ogden/Pace/Jones-in-his-prime type left tackle, but people should realize how important Flozell is to this team. He's not an all-timer, but he is extremely good, and a huge key for our success.

            Not only that, but he is playing better this year than we have seen him play since the games leading up to his torn ACL injury, and dating back to 2003 before that. You need to remember, in 03, he was playing at the level of a Pace or Ogden in their prime. He is that talented. I, for one, would not want to see him go unless its for a Joe Thomas/Jake Long type of prospect.

            I can handle -10 yards per game if I have to.
            Originally posted by 21ST
            He was protecting his self
            Originally posted by tjsunstein
            From what? His leg?
            Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
            That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
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              One of the reasons Flo slipped to us in the 2nd round was because of a hearing problem. You have to wonder if that has become slightly more aggravated this season.



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