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Gregg Ellis a happy camper?

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  • Gregg Ellis a happy camper?

    Cowboys signed OLB Greg Ellis to a restructured contract.
    Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but it's likely that Ellis was given a good sum of money up front. The 32-year-old returned to the lineup Sunday to work in passing situations, and racked up 1.5 sacks off the bench.
    Source: Dallas Morning News

    per rotoworld.
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    Never even knew this took place!

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    Originally posted by 21ST
    He was protecting his self
    Originally posted by tjsunstein
    From what? His leg?
    Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
    That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
    "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

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      IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys linebacker Greg Ellis was active for the first time since he tore his left Achilles tendon last season, but didn't start Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

      He did play, however, and record 1½ sacks and two tackles as the Cowboys beat St. Louis 35-7.

      According to reports in various Dallas-area newspapers, Ellis signed a new deal on Saturday. A source told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Ellis' contract still runs through 2009, but that some of his base salary was given to him as a bonus. His base was $2.5 million this year, and was already guaranteed.

      Several newspapers reported that Ellis has an insurance policy that allows him four games to decide whether to retire (and collect on the insurance policy) or to continue to play.

      "If things didn't go well today," Ellis said, according to the Dallas Morning News, "what Jerry [Jones] did was show me that they just weren't going to throw me away like trash."

      There was a 3 p.m. deadline on Saturday to get the deal done.

      "He had some insurance issues about this injury that were compromising him, and it took us to about 2:59 to take care of those issues, so he could go out there and compete without worrying about it," Jones said, according to the Morning News. "He had been wanting to get out there; our agreement let him do it."

      Rookie Anthony Spencer, the Cowboys' first-round pick, remained the starter at outside linebacker even though Ellis returned. Spencer has started every game this season.

      Ellis is the longest-tenured Cowboy, in his 10th season since the team drafted him eighth overall in 1998. He started 130 of 133 games before getting hurt and missing the final seven games last season, and the first three this year.


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        We needed a vet on the outside with Spencer and Ware...can't say I don't like the move. As long as he stays productive it's a good thing.


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          According to Steve Dennis of Channel 11 news, who interviewed Ellis directly on the subject, the contract contains no more money either guranteed or otherwise for Ellis.

          What the agreement DOES do is state that Jerry Jones will gurantee a portion of Next Years' money if and only if Ellis' Achilles injury resurfaces.

          Basically it's a gurantee to Ellis that Jones won't let him injure the heel trying to help the team and then be left swinging in the wind if he comes back too soon and injures it.

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          Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
          I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.


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            I love his new attitude...he's backing Spencer 100% as the starter. He doesnt seem to have any problem w/ his role on the team. He's just happy to be back.

            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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              love it! too many people forgot what Ellis was too this team. IMO he has every right to say what he has. Granted it would have been better to keep it in house, but that is hard to do when you need to skip team events to send your message.


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                I'm all for the extension. I've always liked Greg Ellis, even though I've been a little annoyed with him going public recently about position changes and his contract.



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