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    This is in the NFC East discussion, but I wanted to see what other people thought. Assuming it's any 3 players at any positions from any teams, what 3 players would you want?

    Right now I'd probably go with Merriman, Richard Seymour, Urlacher.

    A case could easily be made for other players, but I favor Defense anyway. Could you just imagine how sick the defense would be with Ware AND Merriman rushing with Seymour and Urlacher Crushing the run?

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    Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
    I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.

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    Id say Ed Reed, Jamal Williams, Richard Seymour

    Ed back their floating playing centerfield in our defense along side Roy, Jamal would let our LB core be freed up and all the attention would be to williams and would let our lb and dbs to play at an even higher level

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      Champ Bailey
      Kevin Williams
      Shawn Merriman

      Bailey and Newman...owch
      Kevin Williams suring up our middle...not to mention great passrusher
      Merriman and Ware...scary

      Close Calls
      Steve Smith...dynamic WR
      Walter LT
      Steve Hutchinson...bye Koiser
      Adrian runner after contact in nfl


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        Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
        Id say Ed Reed, Jamal Williams, Richard Seymour
        A winner is you.


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          Ed Reed (FS)
          LT (RB)
          Kevin Williams (NT)


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            Jamal Williams,Champ Bailey, and Urlacher.


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              Adalius Thomas
              Laron Landry
              Champ Bailey.


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                Vince Wilfork
                Shawn Merriman
                Champ Baily


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                  hmmmm, kinda random, no?

                  For me, I would probably say Jamal Williams, LT, and Antonio Gates. Imagine a two-headed TE monster with Gates and Witten, either one of which can be split out wide as a WR, used as blockers, basically anything you can conjure in your head. Witten has become a dominant blocker as well. You could play a two-tight end, two-back, one WR formation with Gates, Witten, TO, Barber and Anderson/Hoytes that would be both a dominating run formation and a dominating pass formation. That could be a game-changing package, there. It would be unstoppable no matter the personnel on the other side. Wow.

                  .....I just realized that I picked all Chargers. Oops.
                  Originally posted by 21ST
                  He was protecting his self
                  Originally posted by tjsunstein
                  From what? His leg?
                  Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
                  That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
                  "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

                  DeMarcus Ware


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                    Champ Bailey, Ed Reed, LT.


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                      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine View Post
                      .....I just realized that I picked all Chargers. Oops.
                      Depending on how long Wade stays, and how long Norval keeps his job, we might see some disgruntled Chargers head our way via FA or trade.


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                        Originally posted by DMWSackMachine View Post
                        .....I just realized that I picked all Chargers. Oops.
                        But pocketaces doesn't think AJ Smith is the best GM in the NFL?

                        Take that back preachaah!


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                          I would take:

                          1. Champ Bailey
                          2. Joe Thomas
                          3. Ladanian Tomlinson


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                            Cullen Jenkins

                            haha haha haha jk...


                            Vince Wilfork - Prefer him over others because of his youthful prime.
                            Brian Urlacher - Everything you want in an ILB.
                            Ty Warren - Run stuffing beast that also excels in getting sacks. Also in his prime.

                            I wanted to say replace Roy with Adrian Wilson, but our safety play hasn't been bad with the addition of Hamlin.

                            I would've mentioned a corner, but Henry is arguably playing better than any CB in the league right now and Newman will be back.

                            Offensively, I see nothing holding us back from winning right now.


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                              Jamal Williams
                              Champ Bailey
                              Walter Jones



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