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    I know this doesn't really belong on our board, but I just thought this was funny

    Have you guys noticed how Trey Wingo is trying to make catch phrases for himself on NFL Live?

    I know espn usually just gives some generic analysis that could really fit any team, or they have guys line up on about 5 yards of flooring which is painted like a field and show some totally pointless one on one matchup that has nothing to do with anything.

    But I was wondering if any of you guys have noticed trey saying "HowevAAA" and then making some coy comment.... So ***. I tend to think it makes him look like a wanna be chris berman.

    I still have no idea how people like him get these great jobs where you get to talk about football all day, but actually talk about nothing.

    Ps. -- skip bayless needs to be shot.

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    Kind of random, but I have no problem with Trey. Cool guy, better then Boomer or Stuart Scott. He also seems to be a big fan of Demarcus Ware, he hypes him like no one else on television.


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      Yeah, sometimes he tries too hard, but overall he's fairly good, considering the overall quality of ESPN these days.

      Skip Bayless, though, is about as worthless a human being as I can possibly imagine. He doesn't know the 1st thing about any sport, and all he does is try to rile people up in order to generate publicity. *yawn*
      Originally posted by 21ST
      He was protecting his self
      Originally posted by tjsunstein
      From what? His leg?
      Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
      That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
      "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

      DeMarcus Ware


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        Wingo wears so much makeup and his skin pulled so tight that I always think he looks like he's about to bite someone.


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          Did you guys see where espn (skip bayless on that morning show that I watch sometimes during breakfast) cut out certain quotes from TO and have already labeled the following as a blow up... TO said something along the lines of "I think we had some opportunities that we didn't take advantage of against the pats and I was frustrated, but we're a 5-1 team, we haven't lost our confidence, and we just need to keep working." ESPN only showed him saying he's frustrated and he thought there were missed opportunities and they said he was throwing romo and wade under the bus... Now if it were just skip with his regular idiotic commentary I wouldn't think it was so bad because everyone knows he is a moron, but ESPN actually put up a screen with these partial quotes and then the other dude who argues with skip actually agreed with him.

          I dont understand how ESPN allows these completely falsified reports to be aired? I guess TO really is that big of a deal to them to have as a bad guy.

          Funny how they all laugh about 85 and rip on 81 even though Chad is becoming a real problem this year


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            Frankly, I am sick of hearing from WR who maybe touch the ball 5 times per game on average.


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              Speaking of media complaints, I detest Tim McCarver and how he continues to harp about the smallest little things and doesn't shut up. McCarver knows what he's talking about, but he is the most annoying commentator I have heard in a long time.

              There was also some other media person I was pissed at, but I forget who...


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                We all know the deal with Skip. I just don't take him seriously anymore. Especially after this:

                NFL Power Rankings

                1. Pats
                2. Colts
                3. Steelers
                4. Jaguars
                5. Giants


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                  According to Skip, Tony Romo is 5'11



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