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    Jackson was released by the falcons today. It was apparently because he wasn't playing within the scheme they are running. I know we have Tank coming back, but does anyone think we should cut Jones and Remi? That way we can rotate Tank and Jackson at NT and give Ratliff alot more time at DE? Ratliff has been good at NT, but he is probably also our best pass rushing DE so why not have a combination that can provide the most pressure?

    I hope the 'Boys take a look at this as a possibility because the D-line is what is holding us back from having a dominate D. Remi is never going to be anything special. He shown flashes of being average on a good day. Im not saying Jackson is going to be the difference maker, but he certainly is an upgrade over Remi and Ratliff certainly is an upgrade as far as rushing the passer goes over spears or canty for that matter.

    I think a move like this could only make us better. As soon as the D-line get better, so do the LB's and our secondary. This team could get real nasty, real quick if the DL could start providing a rush.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing him brought in for a review and physical - he has the right mindset and physique, though I doub't he's ever played in a 1-Gap D (but neither has Tank)

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      I think that if we didn't have Tank coming in it would be something that we should look at, but Remi is probably out the door anyway and I don't think he would be an upgrade over Tank or Ratliff.

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        I think Grady is washed up. But bring him in and test him. See what's up. If he seems pumped up to still wants to play, give him an intense workout and if he passes, bring him aboard for depth and veteran leadership.


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          My thought wasn't that Grady was going to put us over the top, but it would allow ratliff more time at DE and give tank a vet backup at NT that could spell him as opposed to Remi who really doesn't do much but hand fight with blockers.


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            He has 21 tackles this year. I will sign him.


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              It crossed my mind as soon as I saw the news, but we just signed Tank, if we can get him super cheap im all for it, especially if we can get Ratliff at DE more...Jackson hasnt played bad this year, but if he is going to cost more then something like what we gave Tank, I dont like it...unless its a 1 year, league minimum type deal, and i think another team would pay more

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              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                Who do we cut?



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