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    Originally posted by cowboysforever View Post
    D/Burns ---

    Well between you me and a lamp post, keeping Roy around b/c he made Pro Bowls he did not deserve, is "popular," has sold T-Shirts, and has a big contract is about as bad an example for our young players, and for the morale of the team, as I can imagine.

    Can it be any worse to sit in a room looking at a guy who is around because he was around? A shell of a player sitting their taking up space and pointing fingers at others to pass off his failures? Talking about Jesus when he can't talk football?

    Sure must be nice to be the teacher's pet. Never had the luck to have a Jerry Jones have a man-crush on me.
    I agree with you, We were just saying that this is probably what goes through Jerry's mind when he considers roy's place on the team.



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