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Who's on our Free Agent list?

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  • Who's on our Free Agent list?

    Who are we trying to pick up, or who have we picked up, i've been busy and have not been able to pay too much attention

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    Leonard Davis OT/OG from the cardinals...backup QB and possibly a DB

    Dallas Cowboys 07-08 Superbowl CHAMPS!


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      These are the guys on my radar... Hopefully some of them are on the Boys radar as well.

      Player Pos. FA Type Ht. Wt. Exp.
      Jon Stinchcomb - OT UFA 6-5 315 4 - > Flozell
      Eric Steinbach - OG UFA 6-6 290 4 - Cream of the crop.
      Ken Hamlin - S UFA 6-2 209 4 - I wouldn't shed a tear.
      LaVar Arrington - LB Released 6-3 257 7 - Could be the Merriman type that Phillips is seeminly looking for. Could also be a bargain. I'm not worried about injury with our depth. Love his swagger.
      Kris Dielman - OG UFA 6-4 310 4 - I like him, but I have my doubts on his worth.
      Derrick Dockery - OG UFA 6-6 345 4 - Bring him in Jerry.
      Patrick Kerney - DE UFA 6-5 273 8
      Floyd Womack - OT UFA 6-4 330 6
      Donnie Edwards - LB UFA 6-2 227 11 - Been lovin' him long time. It'd be Christmas for me if he was the only signing.
      Deon Grant - S UFA 6-2 210 7
      Robaire Smith - DE UFA 6-4 328 7
      Montrae Holland - OG UFA 6-2 322 4 - Underrated favorite.
      Jacob Bell - OG RFA 6-4 295 3 - Will probably be resigned, but I like him.
      Jake Scott - OG RFA 6-5 295 3
      Jordan Black - OT/OG UFA 6-5 310 4 - Any OL from KC is welcomed.
      Ryan Lilja - OG RFA 6-2 290 3
      Najeh Davenport - RB UFA 6-1 247 5

      * Favorites in bold.
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        Well Damon Huard is off the market so, I guess that's out. Joey Harringon anyone?

        I hope not. :)

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
        KO KNOWS


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          If anybody is interested here are the actual terms of Gurode's contract per Todd Archer (DMN). 6 year 30M, 10M sign base salaries of 600K, 2M, 2.4M, 3M, 5.5M, 6.5M, so more of a 4 year 18M in actuality. For any ametuer cap guys like me out there my little spreadsheet shows we have around 15M under the cap factoring in that we will pay TO and TG's bonuses up front and not prorate them. Our cap room will go over 20M as soon as Bledsoe is released.Don't have the numbers on McBriar yet, and i'd expect Culombo to take some of that room as well.

          Free agency should be interesting, but I still believe we'll hold onto most of the cap room we have, maybe sign a couple of second tier guys, resign Columbo and work a long term big money deal for Romo.


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            Good call D-Unit on Stinchcomb. That may be where we do the most business. You can unearth some good players on that second tier of free agents. Stinchcomb is a good player.

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