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ban mtmock from cowboys talk/ rate the new coaching hires

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  • ban mtmock from cowboys talk/ rate the new coaching hires

    I am wondering if his constant man love for mayock and the NFL network, disrespect for other posters and general pain in the assness is getting on anyone else nerves?


    how do you rate our new coaching hires?

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    Its not right to single someone out on a thread title dude, oh ah the coaching pickups are swell


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      what did i ever do to you TH3 and i apologized to D-unit...thats messed up because i thought about something dif. than someone now i'm a bad person. ok kick me out do as you wish...i could get over it . iv'e been through worse things than gettin called out in a forum. I accidentally put mayock on 1 of my posts...because i like nfl network it automatically makes me g.ay...i'm sure im not the only who likes watching the nfl channel, but no sweat say what you want don't matter . :)
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      Dallas Cowboys 07-08 Superbowl CHAMPS!


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        There are various opinions on the board, that's what makes it what it is. Everyone should thake it for what it is. It's passionate Cowboys talk.

        "You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question."
        Albert Camus


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          hey bigmac076 nice sig whered you go to get one like that? :?

          Dallas Cowboys 07-08 Superbowl CHAMPS!


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            I have nothing against mtmock. It's just that I wanted to hear if there are actual facts behind the stats he's throwing out there, or if it's just out of thin air.

            If he thinks he's being critized because he has a different opinion from me or anyone else here, then he needs to get a clue. There are a lot of different views of what we need to do and ways to fix it. The easiest way to get ignored quickly here is if you don't make sense in backing up your opinion.


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              I think they have the strongest young staff they have had since the SB years. Very excited about this group of coaches.
              In war, you win or lose, live or die - and the difference is just an eyelash.

              -Douglas MacArthur



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