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    If you were the Cowboys GM what FA moves would you make?...remember the salary cap and remember that some money needs to be saved for the draft...and who is on the trading block :)
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    A lot depends on their internal evaluations, which we do not have access to...My point is, do they really think Henry can play S or is he a CB. If he can play S, I really like what Houston, the CB, did at the combine. If Henry stays at CB, I don't see a CB. Reggie Nelson is a possibility, but how do they feel about Watkins internally?

    How highly do they regard Procter? Can he step into Rivera's place?

    They really don't have a glaring need, except for G & S. Can they fill those internally? Jerry's recent comments have lead us to believe he's not going to break the bank in FA. I think Leonard Davis would be a good pickup if his price is reasonable. I think if you plug him into this line (w/ Columbo, BTW), they would be very strong. With Procter as the next Guard into the game, that would give them 6 pretty solid offensive linemen. I think you pick up a C/G type in the latter rounds and be happy going into camp with that.

    I think you have to draft a DB in the first two rounds. Depending on what happens with Henry, tells you what direction to go there. I think a first dayer at DB and you're set there assuming you bring back your current backups.

    I think we still need an impact OLB. I did not feel this way a few weeks ago, but I'm not real confident that Ellis will come back 100% immediately. Also, I think Carpenter will be better suited in the long run as the weakside LB. I've heard the Spencer kid out of Purdue could be a possible pick of the Cowboys. He is a good pass rusher that may be pushed down in the draft because of some real beasts at the DE position.

    I would not trade anyone.

    A high priority is back-up QB. I would hope that Bledsoe would return, but I suspect he will not. I like a guy like Tim Rattay. Huard is going to be too expensive, I think. Rattay or Kerry Collins would be solid guys.

    I think that's what I would do: Leonard Davis at G & Rattay at QB; resign all my current FA's & RFA's.

    Then go into the draft wanting a DB, OLB & WR/G/C in the first three rounds.
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