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    Originally posted by thule View Post
    John Wendling > Eric Weddle
    Ahhh, yeah John Wendling. His measurables are off the freaking charts. What's your opinion on where he goes Thule? I'm thinking late 2nd.

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      Originally posted by thule View Post
      I'm saying teams don't tend to trade up unless they only need one playmaker to make them a contender. Teams with multiple needs don't tend to trade up for obvious reason. So when using examples...try to site something that is somewhat believable.
      ok then...bills last year, with the cowboys a couple years back...san fransico in 04, detroit lions to get kevin jones...atlanta to get jenkins a couple years ago...all of them gave up early 2nd round picks to get late r.1 yes they do trade up when they see a playmaker they want despite their needs...and this is just in the last couple of years :)

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        I'm a big fan of Merriweather. I like the idea of trading down 6-8 spots and grabbing him with an additional 3rd rounder thrown in there.
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          I'll bet anything the Cowboys won't draft him. Anything!



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