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*FLASHBACK-Cowboys Fan Declaration Thread

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  • *FLASHBACK-Cowboys Fan Declaration Thread

    This is the place where you can stake your claims about how you feel about a particular subject. Nobody will be able to deny you in the future... not even yourself. lol. No editing posts. I will delete them if I see them.

    Let's keep this legit and not let anything silly be declared. I'll delete them too... so don't bother to declare that 1 + 1 = 2.

    This is where you man up.

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    Terence Newman will make the pro-bowl in 2007.

    The Dallas Cowboys will win SB XLII.

    Terrell Owens will be the SB MVP with 156 yds and 3 TDs..


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      Ware has more sacks than Merriman next year.

      Henry gets 8 INTS at FS.

      TO gets 90 Catches, 1400 Yards and 15 TDs

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      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
      I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.


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        We will sign Kris Dielman

        Bobby Carpenter plays 16 games inside in 2007.

        Jason Witten catches 80 passes and scores 8 times

        "You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question."
        Albert Camus


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          Julius Jones + Marion Barber >> Other NFL RB Duos in 2007.


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            Patrick Crayton will have 50+ catches and 6+ TD's

            Dallas Draft
            First round = DB
            Secound Round = OL


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              Defense: Top 5
              Offense: Top 5
              Tony Romo: NFC QB of the year


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                We sign an OG in FA

                We win Super Bowl XLII

                Romo THrows 30 TD's

                Carpenter starts all year next year

                Ware gets 15 sacks

                We draft a Defense w/ our first pick(wherever it might be)

                Spears steps his game WAY up

                Best overall D in the league next year

                Dallas Cowboys 07-08 Superbowl CHAMPS!


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                  The Cowboys will reach the NFC Divisional playoffs this year, at the very least.

                  2007 will be Greg Ellis' and Aaron Glenn's last season with the Cowboys.

                  Terrell Owens will not play a game until midseason due to his finger injuries.

                  T-Newman will finally get Pro Bowl recognition in 2007


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                    Draft wish:
                    I want Reggie Nelson, DeMarcus Tyler and Mason Crosby.


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                      Jason Hatcher will be starting in Week One instead of either Canty/Spears


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                        D-unit will infact eat Nene Hialrio

                        JJ will have a major injury this season

                        Tony Romo will be linked to no less than 3 celebrities by week 16

                        Terrell Owens will create trouble around week 7 after he is struck with an injury of some type..
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                          The MVP of the offense next season will be Jason Witten as TO and Glenn BOTH deal with injury problems.

                          The MVP of the defense will be Terence Newman who benefits from the blitz-happy scheme and records double digit picks.


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                            Marcus Spears..."breaks out" in 07.
                            Romo will start in his second pro bowl.

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

                   (the man)
                            KO KNOWS


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                              Originally posted by LSUALUM99 View Post
                              Ware has more sacks than Merriman next year.

                              Henry gets 8 INTS at FS.

                              TO gets 90 Catches, 1400 Yards and 15 TDs
                              you're the man. Totally agree.

                              I say

                              Cowboys will draft CB in round 1
                              Gurode will be a pro bowler once again
                              Tony Romo will have a 90+ QB rating
                              Carpenter will start all 16 games

                              In Bob We Trust

                              John Madden's wedding video business




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