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    Henry would suck at FS. He might be a physical CB, but the transition to FS would show his slow speed. We already have Hamlin, Watkins, and Brown at FS. No more room there anyways.

    Hamlin sucks at SS, that's why Seattle let him walk. He is excelling at FS. Why in the world would you want to move him? Let him stay where he is playing great.

    Look to the draft for a SS. Woodyard would be a solid pickup to backup Roy.


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      Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
      Henry isnt just going to get dumped...his contract is almost up anyway. I'm sure they'll let him fulfil it...and if Roy plays terrible again this season and we have those 4 at corner...Henry would most likely be the one moving to FS and Hamlin would slide over to SS. There is no reason to dump Henry, he's had two solid years here. When healthy, he has been fantastic for us. Also, Anthony is only making $5 mil a this new market, that is a bargain for him. He'll more than likely live out that 5 year deal here.
      He "can" play FS, but ive never seen anything concrete that says we are going to try him out there...Hamlin is a great FS as is, Watkins is a solid FS, I really dont buy we will put Henry out there and expect great things...He's getting older, seems like he can never stay healthy, and while he has been fantastic he's been great at CB, no way we can expect him to move and still be great...

      I dont think he even has to move, either way we will make that decision next off season but for now Henry and Newman will start at corner and judging by how healthy he stays and how well he plays will determine his future, but its way too early to say he will play out his 5 year deal, if we end up with pacman and jenkins both playing well who knows how he will end up.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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        Older CB usually makes pretty good transtions to Safety. Not sure why folks think otherwise. Henry has good ball skills and seems to have above average instincts. So FS is not crazy ... plus he played it in college allegedly.

        With respect to Hamlin, his problem in Seatltle emanated from his "biting" to often at play action and underneath routes so that leads me to believe his recognition skills are a little soft. The New England game was a perfect example of it. So, I would assume the SS would have less issues with this problem then the FS.

        With that said, if you told me Watkins as SS and Hamlin at FS I would be ok with it if we had Pacman, Newman, Henry and DRC ......... with C Brown and Roy as back up Safeties for 2008. A few more DB slots open but that would be pretty damn good .....
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