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Final Mocks of 2008

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  • Final Mocks of 2008

    Post your final predictions/desires here:

    I'll repost mine since the Fasano deal went down since.

    No Trades Mock:

    Round 1

    Pick 22: CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

    Pick 28: RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

    Round 2

    Pick 61: WR Eddy Royal, Virginia Tech

    Round 3

    Pick 92: OG John Greco, Toledo

    Round 4

    Pick 100 via MIA: DL Kendall Langford, Hampton

    Round 5

    Pick 163: OT Tony Hills, Texas

    Round 6

    Pick 167 via MIA: CB Zackary Bowman, Nebraska

    Round 7

    Pick 235: LB Ben Moffitt, South Florida

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    My Hopeful and trying to be realistic Mock:

    Round 1

    Pick 22: OG Brandon Albert - I know this wouldn't happen even if Albert was available, however, he is the pick I would've wanted. He could step in at OG from day 1 and take over at LT when Flozell is ready to croak.

    Pick 28: RB Jonathan Stewart - The best all around back in this year's draft would single handedly turn us into a true smash mouth offense similar to the Steelers and Jags of the AFC.

    Round 2

    Pick 61: DT Pat Sims - Nasty meanstreak lineman who would excel at NT commanding a double team and attacking the backfield. Fellow Auburn alumni, Jay Ratliff should move to DE in our system.

    Round 3

    Pick 92: CB Antuwan Molden - Small school corner who doesn't get much pub but could be just as good as any of them. It's all about the hype.

    Round 4

    Pick 100 via MIA: CB Terrell Thomas - I think he's one of the most underrated corners in this draft. He's the second coming of Charles Tillman.

    Round 5

    Pick 163: OT Tony Hills, Texas - 1st day talent had his college career not end with an injury. We've been fairly good at rejuvinating promising talent downgraded due to injury.

    Round 6

    Pick 167 via MIA: WR Adrian Arrington - I'm simply dumbfounded on how low he is ranked among draft rankings. The guys knows how to play the position. Yeah, he's a bit slim, but he's got a good frame and is not afraid to cross the middle.

    Round 7

    Pick 235: ILB J Leman - Gotta love his heart and hustle.


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      If we stay at 22 and 28:

      Felix Jones and Brandon Flowers

      If we trade down in the second I see us going after Jamaal Charles.

      In Bob We Trust

      John Madden's wedding video business


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        I'll probably do another quick one later, this one no trades, and how I think we will end up.

        Round 1 (22): Brandon Flowers - I have been leaning towards him in either spot, and he was a name I've tossed around all off season...I like Cason more, but with the addition of Pacman I think Flowers provides another dimension to the corner position Cason doesn't, and I'm pretty sure Wade sees alot of Jammer, a guy that we were reportedly going to take if he fell to us at 8...This is not a reach as teams like the Bucs could take him, and a handful of teams have a 1st rd grade, same with Cason

        Round 1 (28): Chris Johnson - Most know my stance on him by now, everything I see about him says "wow", and adding speed on our offense is priceless...If Jerry goes off film he has to be enticed, he has "star" potential, and we want to draft impact players...His versatility trumps Felix Jones and although we might trade back for him, 'I'm not predicting trades here.

        Round 2 (61): DaJuan Morgan - I would take a look at WR here, but it depends on what value is available, if Avery is here I take him, if not I let our guys develop and go with a SS that can actually cover in space...He would see plenty of snaps this year and should know the role well enough to take over next year.

        Round 3 (92): Red Bryant - Im certain we need a True NT, Rubin would be preferred but should be gone here, but Bryant should be a beastly NT...He needs a double, is excellent vs the run, and should make our run defense that much better...Good value here, and I feel we need to make a run at him or Rubin.

        Round 4 (100): - Will Franklin - This is a guy we spent some time with and I think we would be happy with his value here...Good size, and has #2 WR potential, may not be able to contribute much but adding another body at some point is certainly an option.

        Round 5 (163): John Greco - This guy is a road grader and a great run blocker...Needs some coaching on pass protection but he should be great in front of Barber.

        Round 6 (167): Tommy Blake - Got to love his potential, and at this point he's well worth it...He needs to get his issues worked out, but he's close to home here and has immense talent in a 3-4.

        Round 7 (235): Kyle Wright - All the tools, and with coaching for 3-4 years I love the thought of how polished he could become...I dont want him to be a backup for awhile, but if we work with him for a few season he has alot more upside then late rd QB's

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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          ***Trade***give up 22, 100, and 167.
          1.pick ?- Mike Jenkins CB South Florida
          I think we trade with KC or DET maybe HOU I think we

          1.pick 28- Chris Johnson RB/WR/KR East Carolina

          ***Trade*** move up giving 61,163, future 3rd or 4th
          2.pick ?- Donnie Avery WR Houston

          3.pick 92- Josh Barrett S Arizona State

          ***Trade***163 for mid 5th and 6th
          5.pick ?- Curtis Johnson OLB Clark-Atlanta

          6. pick ?- Chad Simpson RB Morgan State

          7.pick 235- Joe Jon Finley TE Oklahoma

          minor change to the one I posted in the draft thread. Still concerned with lack of picks for the trenches


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            No Trades Mock:

            Round 1

            Pick 22: RB -- Stewart

            Pick 28: S -- K Phillips

            Round 2

            Pick 61: OG -- Rachal

            Round 3

            Pick 92: WR -- Hawkins

            Round 4

            Pick 100 via MIA: NT -- Rubin

            Round 5

            Pick 163: CB -- Terrell Thomas

            Round 6

            Pick 167 via MIA: LB -- Tommy Blake

            Round 7

            Pick 235: QB -- Kyle Wright


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              Trade 28 for early 2nd and 3rd.

              1. Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
              IF he drops, there is amazing value here. Once considered a top-10 pick, has seen his stock fall, but he's one hell of a player. Could start very soon in his career.

              2. Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina
              Electrifying player. He's just what we need at RB.

              2. DaJuan Morgan, S, NC State
              The best safety in the class IMO, and if he lasts this long, it's a steal. Future star.

              3. Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt
              Incredible player, and very underrated. I'd love to see him fall right in our lap here.

              3. Roy Schuening, G, Oregon St
              Once again, this may be a little low. However, he's a hell of a player.

              4. Craig Stevens, TE, Cal
              Complete TE, and would be a great backup.

              5. Jacob Hester, RB, LSU
              Runs, blocks, recieves, plays special teams, and is an awesome leader. Every team needs a guy like him, and we need to fill out our roster at RB.

              6. Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
              Wow, awesome value. Perfect backup for Romo. I love this.

              7. Zack Bowman, CB, Nebraska
              Why not take a flyer on this kid? 1st round talent, but the injuries have killed him. You never know, he could be great.



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                Trade with Houston
                18- DRC
                28- Jones
                Trade up with 61 another pick
                Eddie Royal
                3- Peyton Hillis
                5- Brennan
                6- Eric Young
                6- Dominique Barber
                7- Tommy Blake



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