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    Ill take a guess based on what was posted in the NFL forum, here goes:

    #28 Felix Jones

    #21 Mike Jenkins EDIT (changed from #31, MetSox makes a good point)

    #85 Martellus Bennett

    #33 Tashard Choice (not sure if he will get #22)

    #29 Orlando Scandrick

    #95 Erik Walden
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    I had said Felix Jones would wear #28 or #29 in another thread earlier so i agree there.

    I think Mike Jenkins will wear #21, not Roy's old number. I don't think it would be a very good move. In fact, i don't think the Cowboys will LET him wear #31. If i was in charge of their numbering and marketing, i'd hide away #31 for about 3 or 4 years. Waay too many people have Roy's jersey, and i don't think they'd be willing to buy another #31 jersey with just a different name on the back. So i'd give him #21. He's gonna be our new Deion :D

    All the others seem okay. If there's a lock on these picks, i'd say it would have to be Martellus to #85


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      21 is almost a lock to go to Pacman I would say.


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        Originally posted by thule View Post
        21 is almost a lock to go to Pacman I would say.
        why not #32?


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          There is an article on

          Felix is 28
          Jenkins is 31
          Bennett is 80
          and Pacman is wearing 21 in honor of deion

          scroll to the bottom
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