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    The measurables on this guy are second to none. If Nelson, Moss and Brown are gone by the time our pick comes along, I'd consider going in the WR direction. Especially if we don't resign Crayton.

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    I like the guy.

    However, I read that some NFL folks just don't like taking WRs in the first. If memory serves me, WR is second in first round flops right behind QB.
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      "The measurables on this guy are second to none"

      LOL, I cant resist, you mean second to CJ?


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        we signed crayton to a 1.3 million dollar tender and if anyone signs him we get their second round pick. He's a good prospect, but I don't think we go WR in the first round


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          I received an email from Roy Adams, who knows Meachem. Mr. Adams is well known amongst many NFL players such as Cortez Kennedy, Willie Gault, Peyton Manning, etc.... He is friends with Meachem. He has this comment:

          "Robert Meacheam will return to Knoxville March 13-14 to work on turf. Shocking but this is what Robert told a friend, he was REAL disappointed in his 40 time at the combine; Robert had run a 4.29 in Arizona; he had a bad start in Indy wants to improve his start and his time."

          If Meachem does run a sub 4.3, with his body and his ability, someone is going to get themselves a good WR closer to the top 10 picks in this draft.


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            he reminds me of chad jackson last year year...great 40, close to same size, both had only 1 good year, i'd take bowe or jarrett only if none of those guys are there...i think we'd trade before draftin a WR though

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              WR in the 1st is bit much. I would hate it.



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