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  • Oh Booooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyys!!!!!!!!!

    Guessssssssss what IIIIIIIIII foooooooooooooooound......

    I know who I want if Patrick Peterson isn't there for us... and his name ain't Prince Amukumara... not Robert Quinn.... not Cameron Jordan... not Mark Ingram... and NOT Tyron Smith...

    He is now the #2 guy on my Dallas Cowboys big board and he is a wUUUnderful player. I didn't see this earlier, because I kept imagining him as strictly an OLB, but my eyes have been opened! I think he could move to ILB in Rob's scheme or at worse, replace Spencer.

    ...and as I always do... Here is my overboard love fest post for the guy who has captured my heart.

    #10 DE/OLB, Von Miller (6’3 243 lbs.) – Texas A&M Aggies

    Von Miller is EVERYTHING Jerry looks for in a player. Plays one of those "flashy" positions that he feels comfortable using a 1st rounder on. Has the unworldly gaudy stats to back up what they see of him on film. Tremendous character. Team Captain, who inspires on & off the field. 2010 Butkus Award Winner who tallied enough votes to more than double the 2nd place runner up. An person who has strong core values. Went back for his senior season even though he could've been a 1st rounder. Finished up his degree in university studies with a concentration in life sciences. Tremendous versatility. Just like Bobby Carpenter who played DE/OLB in college only to move to ILB, I could see Miller being our future at ILB. He has that capacity but only in a way Carp could ever dream of having. However, I think Rob Ryan could use him in various ways, inside or outside to disguise the blitz. He has true sideline to sideline range and also displays the ability to drop back in coverage. Excellent wrap up tackler who doesn't let guys out of his grasp, but also can lay the lumber.


    Came across this scouting report as I was looking for pictures, but it's explains some of the reasons why I love him so much.

    Instincts/Recognition: Very instinctual athlete. Has the ability to recognize the run and come crashing down the line of scrimmage, or recognize the pass and make a B-line for the quarterback. Solid awareness overall. Recognizes when he has no chance to get to the quarterback and gets his hands up to deflect passes. Sniffs out screens on a regular basis, but will need to improve his diagnosing of routes when playing zone coverage. Doesn’t always process routes quick enough, which results in completed passes.

    Strength/Toughness: Miller is light in the pants to say the least. Is known more for his speed than his strength. Coming in at only 238 pounds, means Miller has little to no shot at playing defensive end in the NFL. He will more than likely play the jack outside linebacker position in a 3-4 defense. Is not a physical tackler. Lacks an initial pop. Is more of a wrap up and pull down tackler. Does a good job of translating his speed into power on bull rushes and inside moves. Very tough individual. Played more than half of the 2010 season with an injured ankle, but fought through it.

    Range vs. Run: Has sideline to sideline speed. Has been reported to run a 4.5 forty. Can track down ball carriers from the back side consistently. Shows the ability to extend his arms and shed blockers, but is only average at holding the point of attack. Takes poor angles at times. Sometimes takes too wide of an angle off the edge, leaving a gap between he and the defense tackle/defense end. Needs to do a better job with sealing the edge. Moves through traffic well. His speed allows him to make a ton of plays in the backfield.

    Pass Rush: Even though its cliche to say, Von Miller is explosive. Gifted athlete who can bend the corner, flatten out, and cause havoc for opposing quarterbacks. Closing speed is outstanding. Favorite move is the outside speed rush. Uses the outside speed rush to set up a nice inside move. He does have a spin move and bull rush, but those need further development in order to be consistently effective. Relies on his speed to often and gets pushed behind the quarterback a lot. Translates his speed into power when attempting the bull rush, but would be more effective if he were stronger. Nonetheless, his production is off the charts. In the last two years, Miller has produced 26 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 36 tackles for loss, and 11 pass breakups. Insane!

    3rd Down Capabilities: 3rd down is where Miller holds value. Has the pass rushing skills to consistently pressure quarterbacks at the next level and is athletic enough to hold his own in zones coverage. Wasn’t asked to cover all too often in college, but there’s no doubt that with the right tutelage, he can become adequate in this department.

    Intangibles: Team Captain. Clean off the field. Two time 1st team AP All-American selection. 2010 Butkus award winner.

    BOO YA, "BROCHACHOS (my new favorite word)"!!! ;) Expect to hear his name ad nauseum from here on out from me. hahahahaha.

    Besides... we're getting Aso in FA anyways.


    • Brochacho... I'll take more plus rep for that btw.

      Nice write ups. Miller at #9, idk, but I wouldn't mind having him either.


      • I think I forgot to mention that he's been playing in the 3-4 at Texas A&M as their Jack LB. So yeah... it'd be like grad school for him in the NFL as far as his education of the 3-4 goes. Where as other rookies would be starting from scratch.


        • Without further adieu:

          Jeremy Kerley, WR, Texas Christian University.

          This team needs a slot WR. Roy Williams does not fit here. I don't dislike him, and I think he can be a solid WR in the right situation, but it is not here. Miles is 26, and Dez just turned 22. They are tremendous, young, go-to wide receivers who need to play on the outside, and Roy Williams is just getting in the way.

          Now, we need a true slot man. A wes welker, devone bess type. One who can run the short, quick routes, and dominate a team's nickel DB's while Dez, Miles, and Witten are getting all the attention.

          Also profiles as a terrific return man, which we need because our kick returners aren't cutting it, and we don't want to get Dez hurt on either punt or kick return.

          Scouting report from another site:

          He can pass, he can run, he can catch, but perhaps most importantly Jeremy Kerley can return kicks. The former high school quarterback has done a little bit of everything during his collegiate career at TCU. From day one Kerley was an explosive athlete and everybody at TCU knew it.

          Kerley has been the conference's first-team return specialist for two consecutive years and was also a second-team honoree as a wide receiver during his senior season. Kerley does not have blazing sub 4.0 speed, but he is extremely quick, runs great routes and has sure hands. His versatility is a plus, but Kerley deserves to be drafted in the fifth or sixth round on his return abilities alone. NFL scouts may boost him up their boards even further with a good showing at the Senior Bowl.
          He has been on my man-crush wish-list since watching TCU obliterate Utah, and he has produced every time I've seen the horned frogs play. He has great hands, he's super quick, and he'll work perfectly in the slot.

          As a former high school QB, he could also run the wildcat in a brad smith roll for us, with or without choice on the roster, because choice can't throw.

          That is my prospect that I wish to hype up.

          We need a true slot, make it happen Jerry!
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          • J.J. Watt - DE - 6’6 292 lbs. – Wisconsin Badgers

            2009 Stats:
            44 Tackles
            15.5 TFLs
            4.5 Sacks
            2 Fumbles Recovered
            5 Passes Defended

            2010 Stats:
            62 Tackles
            21 TFLs
            7 Sacks
            3 Forced Fumbles
            2 Fumbles Recovered
            1 INT
            9 Passes Defended

            Awards and Honors:
            Lott IMPACT Trophy
            AP 2nd Team All American
            1st Team All Big Ten
            Team MVP
            Finalist for Hendricks and Bednarik Award
            Academic All Big Ten

            If you're anything like me, the final minutes of the first Eagles game made you sick to your stomach. When Philly was gauging us for huge chunks of yards on that drive it became pretty obvious that our defensive line had become soft. In a draft that is deep with 3-4 Ends, there is one man who rises above all... and that man is J.J. Watt. Watt put up an impressive stat line over the last 2 seasons (106 Tackles, 36.5 TFLs, 11.5 Sacks), and at times dominated games this year. When you see Watt play the first thing that jumps out at you is his frame, Watt is every bit of 6'6 and has the ability to put on another 15 pounds if needed. The other thing about Watt that I love is his relentless motor, he's a former Walk-On who plays with the same kind of wreckless abandon that you see from guys like Jared Allen and Clay Matthews, always trying to make plays. Watt is known by his teammates as an emotional leader on and off the field, he is the type of guy who wants to come in and study film on his off days.

            He has that blue-collar mentality where he wants to come in everyday and become a better football player. His stock has risen to the point where I'd be surprised if he doesn't get taken in the top 20. There are still some questions about his speed and athleticism but if he preforms well at the combine (which is what I'm expecting) it won't be crazy to think he could crack the top 10. He may not run a great 40, I'd suspect 4.85-4.9 range, but he is quick in tight spaces and has a nice repertoire of pass rush moves both as an edge rusher or an inside rusher. It is evident that our pass rush has suffered significantly since we let Chris Canty walk 3 years ago, our current Ends provide no pass rush or playmaking ability. Our Front 7 has the ability to become dominant, let's add another high energy guy to the mix who can creat havoc.

            JJ Watt Wins 2010 Lott IMPACT Trophy
            Posted by Rory on Dec 12, 2010 under J.J. Watt
            NEWPORT BEACH, Ca. – J.J. Watt of Wisconsin was named the 2010 winner of the Lott IMPACT Trophy at the annual awards banquet here Sunday night.

            The 6-6, 292-pound Watt, a defensive end on the 11-1 Rose-Bowl bound Badgers, was presented with the trophy by Ronnie Lott. He is the first Wisconsin player to win the award. During the 2010 season, Watt led the Badgers with 21 tackles for losses, 10 quarterback hurries and seven sacks. He also forced three fumbles, recovered two, had an interception and blocked three kicks.

            The other finalists for the award were Sam Acho of Texas, Casey Matthews of Oregon and Patrick Peterson of LSU.

            The Lott Trophy is the only college football award where character counts. The student-athlete must be making an IMPACT on the field as well as off the field in such areas as academics, community and leadership. IMPACT is an acronym for Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity.

            Wisconsin will receive $25,000 for its general scholarship fund in recognition of Watt’s achievement. Each of the runnersups schools received $5,000.

            In addition to his prodigious skills on the field, Watt is an honor student at Wisconsin, twice being named an Academic All-Big Ten performer, and has formed his own charity, the Justin J. Watt Foundation to benefit local elementary and middle schools that lack funding (His foundation is modeled after the one started by former Lott Trophy finalist Myron Rolle).

            Three times this season, Watt was selected the Lott IMPACT Player of the Week. Watt follows in the footsteps of former Wisconsin All-American Jim Leonhard, a 2004 Lott finalist, who, like Watt, was a walk-on. Watt began his career at Central Michigan, worked at a Pizza Hut for six months while trying to earn a scholarship at Wisconsin and eventually won a starting spot on the defensive line.

            Named after Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, the Lott is awarded to college football’s Defensive IMPACT Player of the Year. Now in its seventh year, the Lott is the first college football award to equally recognize athletic performance and the personal character attributes of the player.

            Sponsored by The Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation in Newport Beach, the award is given to the player who exhibits the same characteristics Lott embodied during his distinguished career: Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity.

            Past winners of The Lott IMPACT Trophy:

            2004 – David Pollack, Georgia
            2005 – DeMeco Ryans, Alabama
            2006 – Dante Hughes, California
            2007 – Glenn Dorsey, LSU
            2008 – James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
            2009 – Jerry Hughes, TCU
            2010 – J.J. Watt, Wisconsin

            (Scouting Report from

            Pass Rush Skills: Provides a headache for offensive tackles off the edge when it comes to power. Possesses four excellent pass rush moves (rip, swim, hook, bull rush) and has the ability to counter against tackles when they decide to take away a certain move. Has decent speed, but not elite. A move to defensive end in the 3-4 is all but certain to happen once he reaches the NFL. Shows an initial burst once the ball is snapped. If pushed behind the quarterback, he continues in pursuit until the play is over. Gains good leverage on his bull rush. Shows the ability to change directions quickly when faking a outside move. Not real flexible in the hips. Wont consistently bend the corner and flatten out. Gets his hands on a lot of balls when he does not reach the quarterback.

            Versus the run: Lower body strength makes him very stout against the run. Has long arms and uses them often. Instead of allowing lineman to get into his body, he extends his arms, and reads the play. Not pushed off the point of attack very often. His strength allows him to engage blockers and shed them immediately. Does get fooled occasionally on misdirection and option read plays. Plays with violent hands and uses them frequently. Does a good job of sealing the edge. Has the motor to chase down plays from behind.

            Versatility: Slightly versatile. Can play the power defensive end in the 4-3, 3 technique defensive tackle on passing downs, and defensive end in the 3-4. Has almost no experience dropping in to coverage.

            Instincts/Motor: Watt’s number one attribute is his motor. He is relentless and goes until the whistle is blown. Gets a couple sacks off of hustle alone. By the forth quarterback, lineman are worn out from his nonstop efforts. Instincts are good and still improving. Is able to recognize screens and quarterback rollouts. Still has some work to do on reading misdirection plays.

            Intangibles: Blue collar worker. Leads by example on the field, in the gym, and off the field. Well respected by coaches and teammates. Won the 2010 Lott Impact trophy.
            Cowboys Mock:
            1. Myles Jack | LB | UCLA
            2. Vernon Butler | DT | LA Tech
            3. Karl Joseph | SS | WVU


            • Great write up on Watt. Definitely a guy I've been watching this year and agree with everything you wrote.

              Just to touch on his biggest knock. Anyone who watched his final game saw how he was getting attacked. So when you say he should test well...I'm not sure i'm buying it. TCU actually attacked him by not blocking him as weird as that sounds. They would set him free and use the extra man to block up field...Watt didn't have the athletic ability to make the impact plays he had all season because they chose to block the 2nd level with the OT/TE. I think that is the big knock on 10 is highly unlikely imo just for the simple fact that freaks go in that range and he isn't in that class. I'm a huge Watt fan...but he isn't a top tier athlete for NFL standards. That said he should be a lock as late first/early second round pick.


              • Yes, Yes! GREAT write up on Watt! THAT'S what this thread is supposed to be about!

                If he's our pick, I'll be happy. I just hope he's not the next Chris Long.


                • Gabe Carimi

                  To go with another Wisconsin guy, I like Gabe Carimi for our long-term right tackle in the second round!

                  Height: 6-7 | Weight: 315

                  2010 Outland Award Winner
                  2010 All American
                  4-year All Big Ten
                  Took over left tackle once Joe Thomas left.

                  • Prototypical size with long arms and large hands
                  • Solid in pass pro with nimble feet to slide / mirror
                  • Fairly stout at point and gets good push in run game
                  • Decent strength and delivers a violent initial punch
                  • Polished technician with great hand use and footwork
                  • Intelligent with excellent instincts and awareness
                  • Very tough and willingly plays through pain / injuries
                  • Mature, hard working and is respected by teammates
                  • A ton of experience against top-notch competition

                  • Merely average athleticism, agility and balance
                  • Issues with speed and struggles to protect edge
                  • Not a knee bender, plays tall and leverage suffers
                  • Will too often gets caught reaching and leaning
                  • Falls off of blocks and does not sustain very well
                  • Has some trouble in space and at the second level
                  • Is not a finisher and may lack a killer instinct
                  • A history of injuries and durability is a concern

                  Last name is pronounced "kuh-REE-mee" --- A four-year starter and team captain for the Badgers --- Named 1st Team All-Big Ten in 2009 and 2010 --- 1st Team All-American in 2010 --- Won the 2010 Outland Trophy as the nation's top interior lineman --- The Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2010 --- A civil and environmental engineering major who was named Academic All-Big Ten four straight years --- Very committed to Jewish faith and fasts during Yom Kippur --- Missed three games with a right knee injury in 2008 --- Missed half of fall camp in 2009 with a right knee injury --- Suffered left shoulder (AC joint) injury in 2009 --- Actually replaced Joe Thomas, the #3 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, at left tackle in Madison --- Overrated blocker with all the tools to be a starter at the next level but is not the elite blindside protector and early first rounder that some have made him out to be.

                  (Draft Countdown review)

                  Carimi vs. Heyward (OSU)

                  Carimi vs. Clayborn (Iowa)

                  Solid run blocker and can anchor down versus bull-rushers. Does struggle some against speed, but with being at right tackle he will usually face the lesser of the two speed rushing defensive ends.
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                  • I am weeks ahead of this semesters work and have had what seems like infinite freetime this weekend so I decided to dig around a little bit for some interior OLine prospects. I realized that there is one guy who I have been totally overlooking (mostly because I thought he would be out of reach) who could in fact be a prized selection for our second rounder. Ladies and Gents, I present to you...

                    Mike Pouncey-Offensive Guard-Florida-6'4 310

                    Pass blocking: Provides a quick initial punch before easing out of his stance. Good balance and lateral agility to mirror the defender. Strong, active hands and long arms allow him to keep his opponent controlled. Can get a little high with his pad level, but shows impressive flexibility and core strength in being able to anchor against a quality bull rush. Struggled early in the year snapping the ball with accuracy out of the shotgun and getting his hands up quickly in pass protection. Has the agility to move back outside to guard.

                    Run blocking: Quick off the snap. Latches on, shows very good upper-body strength and lateral agility and can turn the defender away from the ballcarrier. Plays with good pad level and shows some nastiness in his game. Looks to drive his assignment downfield or into the turf.

                    Pulling/trapping: Good initial quickness out of his stance when pulling. Keeps a tight line around linemates, showing good balance and foot speed to get around the edge. Has light feet for a big man and can locate and get to his target in the open field. Effort isn't always consistent sustaining blocks at the second level. Effective trap blocker. Good initial quickness to turn and seal off the defender.

                    Initial Quickness: Efficient and athletic out of his stance, quickly gaining the advantage over his opponent. Typically gets in the first punch in pass protection.

                    Downfield: Has the balance and sure feet to be effective as a downfield blocker, but is a bit inconsistent in his effort. Flashes some nastiness, showing a willingness to make the emphatic block to try and intimidate his opponent.

                    Intangibles: Nearly identical twin brother Maurkice was Florida's starting center each of the past three seasons and was selected No. 18 overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Prior to Maurkice leaving Florida early for the NFL, the twins made most of their decisions together. Maurkice wasn't willing to sign with Florida until they offered Mike a scholarship, for example. The twins selected Florida over Florida State, Clemson, Miami (Fla.) and Michigan.

                    I think Pouncey could come in and start at either Guard spot. He flew a bit under the radar this year due to his switch to Center and his struggles with shotgun snaps, but as a Guard prospect he is probably my favorite in this class. In his pass protection he is an extremely agile athlete for his size and should have no problem in the NFL handling interior rushers. He gets after it in the running game by getting to the second level with ease and showing the ability to get good movement in his drive blocks. He takes pride in finishing his blocks. His versatilty in college tells me that he is a student of the game and has a good head on his shoulders. I'd love to nab this Pouncey twin and know he would add much need attitude to our offensive line.
                    Cowboys Mock:
                    1. Myles Jack | LB | UCLA
                    2. Vernon Butler | DT | LA Tech
                    3. Karl Joseph | SS | WVU



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