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Ware close to new contract...

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  • Ware close to new contract...

    DeMarcus Ware has already taken part in some ads for Campbell's Chunky Soup as well as SoBe Life Water, and know the All-Pro linebacker will be featured in the Venom Engery drink ads coming out soon.

    They were shooting pictures for life-sized cut outs and billboards of Ware that will go out around the area during the season. He is replacing Terrell Owens as the spokesperson.

    Wearing a skin-tight black shirt with the Venom logo on the front as his unfiform, Ware cast an imposing figure as he peered into the camera. Although I found it funny as the photographer told him to be "tough, kind of a bad ***," that Michael Jackon's "Who's bad?" was playing on the iPod system.

    Ware, however, got into character, squeezing the football and saying, "You want some of this? Come get you some."

    "I like this," he said in a break. "You can be yourself a little and your personality can come out."

    Ware was among the finalists to be on the cover for the John Madden 2009 game for EA Sports but that went to Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu. With the "Madden curse," maybe some fans are glad Ware was passed over.
    All-Pro linebacker DeMarcus Ware was doing a photo shoot for an upcoming ad for Venom Energy drink today, and we were able to catch up with him a little bit between shots.

    On his contract talks, he said they are getting "closer," and that he is not frustrated a deal hasn't been completed yet. He sounded slightly peeved over the weekend when he was asked by Brad Sham about the talks.

    Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison came in with a $51 million deal with $20 million guaranteed, while Washington paid Albert Haynesworth $100 million with $41 million guaranteed.

    "I feel like it's somewhere in there," Ware said. "It's not 51. It might not be 100. It's somewhere between the two. Maybe it's 94."

    That drew a hearty laugh from everybody because it matches his uniform number. Maybe he can take No. 99 now that Chris Canty is gone and get closer to $100 millon.

    Ware is definitely in that neighborhood, however. I said this before on the blog - he plays a more important position, is younger and is better than Haynesworth, so he should get more than $41 million and become the league's highest paid defensive player.

    The question will be this - how close is he to the top quarterbacks in terms of average per year? Is it $15 million per? Is it $16 mil?

    "I'm not frustrated because at the end of the day I know I can play," said Ware, who led the league with 20 sacks in 2008. "Like I say, I'm a Ferrari. The only thing I do is appreciate. It's on them to get it done."

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    Thank God he didn't get on that Madden cover. lol
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      That drew a hearty laugh from everybody because it matches his uniform number. Maybe he can take No. 99 now that Chris Canty is gone and get closer to $100 millon.
      Har Har Har. A Comedian.


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        This is going to be so ugly. Dont even want to think about it.

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
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          Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
          This is going to be so ugly. Dont even want to think about it.
          If it's less than Haynesworth, like they already spoke about, then I don't see how they would be overpaying. Expensive? Sure. But we have the money. Ellis will be cut soon. We saved by not overspending in FA. And investing so much in the draft in our secondary and LB corps will save us from spending big bucks until it's time to resign those guys. The key lies in whether or not those rookies pan out or not.

          When you say "ugly" that's like saying they're going to overpay him severely. It doesn't sound like that will be the case. Can't call something ugly if it's market value and the guy is not worth it. Ware has done nothing but prove he is worth it.


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            No, he'll get his market value but, no man really deserves that much money to play football. I love locking him up but the contracts have become a joke.

            edit...I know what Ware is worth in the football world and he'll get that. I could still think that the figures look ugly, though. Just trying to clarify. I would pay almost anything to keep him in a Dallas uniform, though.
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            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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              I honestly don't believe there is any number out there (number that can actually occur) that i will feel will be "overpaying" for Ware. He is without a doubt the best defensive player in the NFL, and if it takes 45 million dollars guaranteed to sign him, then so be it. I want him here for the rest of his career.



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