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The 2010 Cowboys Draft Thread

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  • Originally posted by Ward View Post
    Interesting analysis, might be on to something. My problem is that if us internet fanboys are trying to figure this out, surely another NFL front office is too. Wish this had never been leaked, and I secretly hope it's not accurate.
    I don't know how much of a help it is to other teams now that the draft is over... I really don't think it's worth anybody's serious time to try and analyze this in order to predict what they can learn about us in the future. I'd bet antything this is the real board. Not like this is anything new. Our boards have been leaked out in the past (post-draft). It's fun for us to look at though. Real fun.


    • Josh Price-Brent eh?

      He's big. That's all I know about him. Any thoughts?



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