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Final Preseason game vs Vikings

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    Originally posted by E-Man View Post
    I missed a huge portion of this game. I saw the first three or four drives, but after that I got a little busy with family. Any positive things coming out of this game?
    ummmmmm. Not really.

    Ogletree, Phillips, Bennett, and Watkins all played really well. Vic Butler had 9 tackles...but I wouldnt say he had a really good game. They were mostly from chasing guys down downfield or being run into. :/ And his rush wasnt too impressive. The guys played tough in the 2nd half but, they didnt look good. Courtney Brown and Mike Mickens were terrible for the most part. Mickens did make a few sure tackles and broke up a pass or two. But he also whiffed on several tackles leading to big gains. He's PS material at best this season.
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    Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)


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      So it sounds like a boring game that gave some closure. Thanks for the update MOTH.
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