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  • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
    The game will be our Ram game from last year.
    Oh come on now. The Packers don't suck that much. :)

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    • I wouldn't put too much weight on this loss. You can't expect to win every game. Look at the Saints, they survived a horrible Rams team. Yesterday game was just "one of those games". The important thing is to bounce back, bad games happen all the time. After all we have just won once in Lambeau and we have had some great teams that weren't able to win there. As I said, I think the missed FG set the tone for the entire offense, they couldn't find a rhythm. The defense played good, they wore down at the end because they were on the field for 30+ minutes. And the last TD we allowed is on the offense.

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      • I just want to point out my highlight of the game. Anthony Spencer...what a game...he was all over the field today...he might not be a sack artist like Merriman...but he is a stud SOLB or atleast played like one today. That is promising...after starting 8 games he looks very comfortable.

        Davis moving to LT for a play today is forshadowing. I can see it happening next year already.

        Nothing has changed on the offense from last year. Still pass heavy. Still plagued by penalties. I know people have been excited about Garrett so far this year but like I said he should have went with Stewart. Either that or he has to be the HC and get an experienced guy like cam cameron...someone who can dictate the pace of a game. My big problem with Garrett is that his gameplan is so set on execution that if the team fails he can't overcome it and thus has to abandon him gameplan. This game isn't played on paper. You have to be able to mix and match. It's like he is playing chess but already has all his moves scripted...if for whatever reason we aren't in controll of the game and his loses faith in his gameplan he forces the issue by passing the ball and trying to gain that controll so he can get back to his gameplan. It is a classic case of inexperience imo. He is smart enough to make adjustments...but abandoning your gameplan in games that are clearly in reach is ignorant.


        • Well, that certainly sucked the big one. However, it's a long season and there's no need to jump off the cliff.

          I may be in the minority, but I think Free will do just fine. Let's not forget, the guy was one of the most athletic OTs in the draft that year. They may actually be able to do some things that take advantage of his athleticism.

          In fact, I'm wondering if he does do well, why not try him at LT and move Flo to RT? Flo looked really old and slow yesterday.
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          • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
            You call what Williams is having as "success?" The guy is like ANTI-MOMENTUM. You know eventually he is going to blow a big play .... today TWO.

            You know, I see teams like Houston get the ball to Andre Johnson regardless of coverage b/c they put him in the hots routes. Same as Fitz -- which is why Boldin is angry and jealosu.

            Mike Irvin used to say he would switch X/Y with Harper when he wanted the ball because he knew where the "hot" read was going with the ball. He knew certain routes where were the PLAYMAKER was needed.

            That is what I want done with Austin. Get him the ball 8-10 times per game and spread the rest out over the others as needed. Alvin would get a few but just that few ....

            Not saying close your eyes and throw to Austin but you need to make a better effort than we have last two weeks.
            Ahem. Austin is the man.



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