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  • I remember when the Texas defense introduced itself to Rudy Carpenter. It wasn't pretty.


    • Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
      Don't pay any attention to him, he's the only one that can be right about anything Cowboys related, Bob tells us all how it's going to be before hand. He's always by himself with thoughts, how dare you try to give credit to someone else!!! lol.

      I sig quoted Burns in my sig the very same day he made this comment, had I not felt that strongly about Austin it would have never been there. Of course I thought Hurd was on his way to breaking out too, but again there is only so many balls to go around, Hurd could be a beast somewhere like Miami where they can use a WR who knows how to run routes and catch.

      But of course, Bob is the only one who can be right about anything around here, how silly of us to forget that.
      Just go find the post if you know where it is and I will call you FOOTBALL GOD for a week.
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      • Originally posted by BleedBurgundy96 View Post
        Im confused. How is this game going to be a slaughter? The Skins have a better defense than the Packers even without Haynesworth. You guys didnt score a point for 59 minutes of that game in GB. The Skins just had their biggest win of the season last week beating a team you guys couldnt (Broncos).

        The Skins have no pressure to win this game. The Boys have all of the pressure not to choke like they did last year in Dallas vs the Redskins. So how is this going to be a slaughter? I can see either team winning and I have no problem with anyone predicting a Cowboys victory. I just dont see how the Cowboys are going to slaughter the Redskins tomorrow.

        If it does happen ill be the first to say you were right. I just dont see how anyone after what happened last week can actually say one team is going to blowout another. Even more so in a rivalry game where 7 of the last 10 meetings have been decided by 5 pts or less.
        See? Dont question me again. I told you it would be a beat down and it was. Not even close.

        I love those barnburners. Absolutely riveting football.
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        • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
          Um, when they got throws, they caught them. Miss the last drive huh?

          Will repeat ad-nauseum, the problem with this Pasing Game is Roy "Cooler" Williams is running the hot routes. From the second he complained, his targets are WAY UP, his drops way up and the points scored way down.

          Roy is no Mike Irvin, you can't count on him to run them right, run them hard or catch them.

          Miles Austin is our BEST #1 and time for Cooler to get on the back of the bus with the other losers like Hamlin.
          Ahem. Miles, number #1 that delivers.


          • Well today it was all single coverage...we know what he can do when he's not respected as week should be a challenge, as he'll gain more focus once again, like these previous two weeks. Dont be surprised if he has another quiet one, hopefully not, but these are the normal bumps in the road or growing pains for budding young receivers. We saw how he was a lot less productive when coverages were being rolled to him.

            I was actually really surprised they decided to play so much single coverage and man against us. Bump and run in there as well. If they just did what we've been seeing the last two weeks, it probably would have been much of the same. It's not like Garrett knows how adjust ever. We'll see, I'm expecting some offensive struggles next week. I sure as hell hope not, though. When our offense is sputtering, these games are hard to watch.

            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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