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Week 14: Chargers at Cowboys

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  • Week 14: Chargers at Cowboys

    Another week. Another BIG game. The Chargers will come marching into Dallas riding a 7 game win streak and a 9-3 record. Sounds like an automatic loss doesn't it? Well fear not my friend... Your friendly neighbor, D-Unit (yes, I'm speaking in 3rd person) has some points to consider on why the Cowboys will WIN!!!!

    - Out of the Chargers 9 wins, only 3 have come against teams with a winning record. They've been beating up on cupcakes all year... 2 wins vs KC, 2 wins vs Oak, a home game vs Miami, a win vs Cleveland...they split with Denver, but the one they won was the game Denver started Chris Simms...

    - This is the first time all season that San Diego is on the road for the second week in a row. They'll have been traveling and away from the comforts of home longer than they have all season, and that could put them out of sorts.

    - The Dallas December Slump is not creeping up on the team this year. Unlike years past where the trend started to establish itself and the slump was less recognizable, the team this year has that thought at the front of their minds from everyone from the top (Jerry) down to the bottom (the players) that they cannot get complacent and allow this to continue.

    - Dallas has not loss 2 games in a row all season long. After every loss, Dallas has bounced right back. The team has showed short memory and the will to look forward.

    - San Diego's injury report last week:
    Brandon Hughes Sep 1, 2009 Injured Reserve Knee
    Ryon Bingham Sep 6, 2009 Injured Reserve Arm
    Jamal Williams Sep 20, 2009 Injured Reserve Triceps
    Antwan Applewhite Oct 20, 2009 Injured Reserve Hamstring
    Jyles Tucker Nov 18, 2009 Injured Reserve Ankle
    Jeromey Clary Nov 24, 2009 Injured Reserve Ankle
    Eric Weddle Dec 4, 2009 Out Knee
    Luis Castillo Dec 4, 2009 Doubtful Calf
    Nick Hardwick Dec 4, 2009 Doubtful Ankle
    Shawne Merriman Dec 4, 2009 Doubtful Foot
    Kevin Burnett Dec 4, 2009 Probable Head
    Jacob Hester Dec 4, 2009 Probable Knee
    Travis Johnson Dec 4, 2009 Probable Groin
    Ogemdi Nwagbuo Dec 4, 2009 Probable Ankle
    Shaun Phillips Dec 4, 2009 Probable Ankle
    Mike Scifres Dec 4, 2009 Probable Groin
    Mike Tolbert Dec 4, 2009 Probable Not injury related

    - Run Defense. San Diego's defense ranks #21 against the run. Dallas ranks #9.

    - Rushing Offense. Dallas ranks #8. San Diego ranks #29. So, San Diego can't run and can't stop the run. That means clock control favors the Cowboys. Clock control will be very important as the Boys need to limit the time the Chargers offense is on the field passing. It also keeps our defense fresh, and our secondary will NEED to be fresh.

    The only problem I see is that if Garrett makes this a passing war, then San Diego will win. Rivers has shown he can score in a short amount of time... Just ask the Giants.

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    Damn those injuries are bad for them. That's a huge advantage.
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      I'm pretty sure we win this game. Not sure how/why honestly. I'm just 100% sure the boys pull it out. Wade's soooo agitated by the media that I think he gets his guys to really play up for this game. The "December" talk won't go away with a W though.

      Chargers - W
      Saints - Close "L"
      Skins - W
      Eagles - unsure


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        I know history says this optimism is reckless, but I just don't think San Diego is that good.

        I think we can run (at least Felix and Tashard can...**** YOU GARRETT!) on them and throw on them, and I think our defense matches up well with theirs (with the exception of Sproles on the screen pass...).


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          I'm torn on this game, I really don't have full confidence we will win, but I'll probably be able to tell after a few series if were ready to play or not. Winning this game would go a long way towards building confidence and quieting the December woes crap. Especially since I don't plan on beating NO this is huge as we could be facing losing 3 games in a row very soon.

          I'm going to be really excited to see how we stack up, I think we should win but I just don't know honestly.

          If I had to guess, 27-24 San Diego because we miss an important FG somewhere.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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            I like the fact that Wade has a lot of knowledge about the team and players we are playing this week. I would imagine he has a good idea with what to do with Gates and try to get at Rivers as much as possible. Tomlinson is just not Tomlinson anymore we just have to do a good job on Sproles as far as running and catching out of the backfield.

            There's a lot of talk about Barber not being out there as much but I doubt that. They openly admitted they don't trust Felix or Choice as blockers. So when they are out there it's almost always a run. I expect Witten to have another big day whether Weddle was going to play or not.

            If we win the turnover battle and penalty battle then I really think we can beat them.

            Maybe Jason Williams can make some big plays and we can finally kick Carp to the curb. That is if he gets a chance to...

            Not gonna bother posting a score but, I think we win a big one at home and a big one for the season. 9-4 going to visit Mr. Brees.


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              Game Time! I hope we pull this out.


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                This is what we get when Garrett refuses to run the ball. 3 straight pass attempts and a punt on our 2nd drive.


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                  Sigh..... 1st down passing will always kill us.


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                    This is ugly, talk about an offense exploiting our weaknesses. This is going to get real bad on 3rd down conversions if the 1st quarter is any indicator. It just looks too easy.

                    Thanks BoneKrusher^

           (the man)
                    KO KNOWS


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                      Anyone elses eyes get really big when we had Carpenter on Sproles out wide?


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                        lol...they're making our defense look terrible, not to mention confused.

                        We need to score right now.

                        Thanks BoneKrusher^

               (the man)
                        KO KNOWS


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                          Amazing what 2 run plays just did, eh Ginger?


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                            I love it, more Deon = more Felix


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                              Oh great 5 runs in a row... Now PASS!



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