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    OK fellahs... we're less than 1 week away. Let's see what you guys got.

    Let's see how your Dallas Cowboys Top 27 look like. Hopefully our draft pans out in a way that makes you smile.

    I'll do mine in a bit.

    1. Ndamukong Suh
    2. Gerald McCoy
    3. Rolando McClain
    4. Eric Berry
    5. Kyle Wilson
    6. Earl Thomas
    7. Taylor Mays
    8. Golden Tate
    9. Brandon Graham, ILB
    10. Dan Williams
    11. Dez Bryant
    12. Maurkice Pouncey
    13. Anthony Davis
    14. Bryan Bulaga
    15. Joe Haden
    16. Sean Weatherspoon, ILB
    17. Daryl Washington, ILB
    18. Charles Brown
    19. Deymarius Thomas
    20. Lamarr Houston
    21. Mike Iupati
    22. Trent Williams
    23. Nate Allen
    24. Jared Odrick
    25. Terence Cody
    26. Russell Okung
    27. Arrelious Benn
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    No RBs, QBs, or TEs in the 1st, but pretty much every other position is fair game to me. Though it's excessive and not a draft need at all, I still wouldn't mind more OLB depth (though we spent last draft on it). The fear of Demarcus getting injured and watching the collapse of our outside pass rush somewhat worries me.

    Note: I added a few changes

    1. N. Suh
    2. Gerald McCoy
    3. Eric Berry
    4. Russell Okung
    5. Joe Haden
    6. Earl Thomas
    7. Rolondo McClain
    8. Bryan Bulaga
    9. Trent Williams
    10. Maurkice Pouncey
    11. Kyle Wilson
    12. Golden Tate
    13. Dez Bryant
    14. Mike Iupati
    15. Anthony Davis
    16. Brandon Graham, OLB
    17. Sergio Kindle
    18. Taylor Mays
    19. Dan Williams
    20. Jared Odrick
    21. Devin McCourty
    22. Nate Allen
    23. Charles Brown (I concede, even if skeptical)
    24. Demariyus Thomas
    25. Damian Williams
    26. Jason Pierre Paul, OLB
    27. Sean Weatherspoon, ILB
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      1. Ndamukong Suh
      2. Gerald McCoy
      3. Russell Okung
      4. Eric Berry
      5. Brian Bulaga
      6. Trent Williams
      7. Earl Thomas
      8. Sam Bradford (if he falls to 27, how can you pass?)
      9. Joe Haden
      10. Derrick Morgan
      11. Dan Williams
      12. Rolando McClain
      13. Anthony Davis
      14. Kyle Wilson
      15. Brandon Graham
      16. Mike Iupati
      17. Maurkice Pouncey
      18. Taylor Mays
      19. Sergio Kindle
      20. Jason Pierre-Paul
      21. Jimmy Clausen
      22. Jared Odrick
      23. Dez Bryant
      24. Sean Weatherspoon
      25. Jerry Hughes
      26. Devin McCourty
      27. Rodger Saffold


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        D, I see on your board you are high on two guys I like as well, but I'm a bit uncertain whether they would fit well in Dallas. Daryl Washington, as good as he looks seems hard to evaluate to the 3-4. Wouldn't he be a bit small playing inside? Charles Brown could turn out nicely for several teams, but do you see him in the mold of the typical Dallas lineman? He's got great qualities as a LT, but he's not a massive Flozell type nor is he perceived as a mauler.

        I think the same problem could end up being the difference between Dallas' interest in WRs like D. Thomas and Golden Tate. Tate has the stuff I think, but Dallas likes em big.

        Of course there's an argument against that as well. I remember Jerry getting itchy about moving up for Maclin last year before the Eagles nabbed him...
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          2nd Round Big Board

          1. Taylor Mays
          2. Reshad Jones
          3. Nate Allen
          4. Charles Brown
          5. Morgan Burnett
          6. Lamarr Houston
          7. Alex Carrington
          8. Sergio Kindle
          9. John Jerry
          10. Rodger Saffold
          11. Daryl Washington
          12. Terence Cody
          13. Vladimir Ducasse
          14. Perrish Cox
          15. Everson Griffen
          16. Major Wright
          17. Chad Jones
          18. Brandon Spikes
          19. Navorro Bowman
          20. Chris Cook
          21. Dominique Franks
          22. Cam Thomas
          23. Linval Joseph
          24. Corey Wooten
          25. Bruce Campbell
          26. JD Walton
          27. Carlos Dunlap

          For clarification... this is my want list... not where I think they'll go. ie. I don't think Reshard Jones will get taken in the 2nd. But I would take him 2nd based off what I like about him.
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            S Nate Allen
            OT Bruce Campbell
            OT Roger Saffold
            OT Charles Brown
            DE Lamarr Houston
            OT Vladimir Ducasse
            S Morgan Burnett
            OG John Jerry
            CB/S Chris Cook
            CB Brandon Ghee
            S Major Wright
            CB Perrish Cox
            OT Jared Veldheer
            DE Linval Joseph
            CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
            DE Alex Carrington
            CB/S Myron Lewis
            S Chad Jones

            Thanks BoneKrusher^

   (the man)
            KO KNOWS


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              I feel pretty confident we're going to get solid value in the second round. There are positions like WR, RB, QB, DT, and LB that will take up several picks in that 33-56 area. There are a lot of guys on the board that would work nicely at 59 or just above if we trade up a little. I added more If we fall a few spots into the third.

              Edit: just moved Kindle down after learning about his medical issues

              Round 2
              1. Charles Brown
              2. taylor mays
              3. Nate Allen
              4.Rodger Saffold
              5. Morgan Burnett
              6. John Jerry
              7. Vladimir Ducasse
              8. Jon Asamoah
              9. Bruce Campbell
              10. Daryl Washington
              11. Perrish Cox
              12. Carlos Dunlap

              Round 3
              Sergio Kindle
              Brandon Ghee
              Edwin Veldheer
              Brandon Spikes
              Mitch Petrus
              Chad Jones
              Reshad Jones
              Chris Cook
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                Big Board

                Somebody please put a big board for 4th's been very helpful.



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