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Final 53 Man Roster Prediction

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  • Final 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Thule said we should post some 53 man is my go. Keep in mind that last time I accidently left off Dez, so there could be a mistake. Add to the fact that I just worked 11 hours and am exhausted. haha.

    (1) QB Tony Romo
    (2) QB Jon Kitna
    (3) QB Stephen Mcgee

    (4) HB Marion Barber
    (5) HB Felix Jones
    (6) HB Tashard Choice

    (7) FB Deon Anderson
    (8) FB Chris Gronkowski

    (9) WR Miles Austin
    (10) WR Roy Williams
    (11) WR Dez Bryant
    (12) WR Sam Hurd
    (13) WR Kevin Ogletree

    (14) TE Jason Witten
    (15) TE Martellus Bennett

    (16) OL Doug Free
    (17) OL Kyle Kosier
    (18) OL Andre Gurode
    (19) OL Leonard Davis
    (20) OL Marc Colombo
    (21) OL Alex Barron
    (22) OL Montrae Holland
    (23) OL Phil Costa
    (24) OL Sam Young
    (25) OL Robert Brewster

    (26) DE Marcus Spears
    (27) DE Igor Olshansky
    (28) DE Stephen Bowen
    (29) DE Jason Hatcher

    (30) NT Jay Ratliff
    (31) NT Junior Siavii
    (32) NT Josh Brent

    (33) OLB Demarcus Ware
    (34) OLB Anthony Spencer
    (35) OLB Victor Butler
    (36) OLB Brandon Williams

    (37) ILB Bradie James
    (38) ILB Keith Brooking
    (39) ILB Sean Lee
    (40) ILB Jason Williams

    (41) CB Mike Jenkins
    (42) CB Terrence Newman
    (43) CB Orlando Scandrick
    (44) CB Cletis Gordon

    (45) S Gerald Sensabaugh
    (46) S Alan Ball
    (47) S Mike Hamlin
    (48) S AOA
    (49) S Danny Mccray
    (50) S Barry Church

    (51) K David Buehler
    (52) P Mat Mcbriar
    (53) LS J.P. Ladouceur

    Keeping 2 FBs, 3 NTs, and 6 safeties just seems like overkill. But the coaches like Gronkowski and he can certainly man that third TE spot in goal line formations. Maybe Rucker just gets a pass or perhaps we pick one off the waiver wire, on the flip side. But for the time being, I gave the spot to Chris. As for NT...Siavii played well last year and played well in the preseason, he's decent depth...and has done nothing to play or not play his way off the roster. Brent's a big body, but also a rookie...I'm not sure we'd just cut Siavii loose for him...because that #2 NT is going to get some snaps. As for Church/Mccray over Mccann. Just figured those two could make a bigger impact on defensive special teams.

    Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)

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    Final 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Here's your chance to say I told you so...who's the smartest cowboys fan in the land?

    QB (3) - Tony Romo, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee

    This has been set for me all year.

    RB (4) - Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Chris Gronkowski

    Deon Anderson or a 3rd TE....I think Gronkowski proved he can play FB and another pass catcher will win out. Anderson is also due just over a million dollars.

    WR (5) - Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree, Sam Hurd

    This should be set...I can't see us moving Hurd...but if we do Holley would take his spot as 5th WR.

    TE (3) - Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett, Martin Rucker

    Dallas tried to get Rucker twice this year. I think he showed enough that he can be a pass catcher in this offense. Ask yourself this...if Witten goes down can Gronkowski play TE...maybe, but he played too much of the h-back role I think they go 3 TEs.

    OL (9) - Doug Free, Kyle Kosier, Andre Gurode, Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo, Alex Barron, Montrae Holland, Phil Costa, Robert Brewster

    I think they'll put Sam Young on IR...for the simple fact that he doesn't have a chance to be active on gameday this year anyways. Barrons deal is done after this year and I think Young will be ready to take over the backup RT spot...I'm really high on him.

    DL (6) - Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff, Igor Olshansky, Jason Hatcher, Stephen Bowen, Josh Brent

    Junior Siavii is a tough one to peg. I think he could easily get the nod over Octavien or McCann but he makes more money than both of them so I'm just not sure you pay a backup NT that money for a guy who isn't going to see more than 10 snaps a game and doesn't play a lot of special teams. Brent has more upside no need to create a log jam.

    OLB (5) - DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Victor Butler, Brandon Williams, Steve Octacvien

    This group is super talented...Octavien is a outside shot...but his special teams should give him the nod over a guy like McCann.

    ILB (4) - Bradie James, Keith Brooking, Sean Lee, Jason Williams

    Just can't see Leon Williams making the team. He could have a shot going up against McCann but I like McCanns upside more.

    CB (5) - Terence Newman, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Cletis Gordon, Bryan McCann

    This is probably the position I have wrong. With Ball and AOA both taking slot reps from time to time they'll probably only go 4 here. But for some reason I just can't see us carrying 3 NT's so McCann is the next best player. He's easily my 53rd guy here...Savaii and Leon would be 54, 55.

    S (6) - Gerald Sensabaugh, Alan Ball, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Danny McCray, Mike Hamlin, Barry Church

    11 DBs seem like a lot to me. But I'm considering AOA strictly special teams and the same probably goes for McCray. I like the depth here..hopefully this is a strength for us going forward.

    Specialist (3) - Mat McBriar, David Buehler, L.P. Ladouceur

    Buehler won the job against himself lets see him do it all season.

    Deon Anderson vs. 3rd TE I think we like Rucker...but even waivers.
    Savaii vs. #53, McCann and Leon Williams are fighting with him for that spot.
    I'm probably wrong but can we go 5-CB and 6-S?



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