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The 2013 Free Agency Thread

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  • D-Unit
    started a topic The 2013 Free Agency Thread

    The 2013 Free Agency Thread

    Seeing as Jerry has always preferred the FA route for addressing the OL, I figured I'd start this thread off with this year's OL FAs. There are a lot of interesting names here.

    Not sure how many actually hit FA, but this is a list we can start off with.

    Jared Gaither, BAL
    Matt Light, NE
    Donald Penn, TB
    Jermon Bushrod, NO
    Willie Colon, PIT
    Carl Nicks, NO
    Logan Mankins, NE
    Ryan Kalil, CAR
    Daryn Colledge, GB
    Evan Mathis, CIN
    Alan Faneca, ARI
    Tyson Clabo, ATL
    Doug Free, DAL
    Ryan Harris, DEN
    Jon Jansen, DET
    Charlie Johnson, IND
    Tony Ugoh, IND
    Ryan O'Callaghan, KC
    Mario Henderson, OAK
    Khalif Barnes, OAK
    Jeromey Clary, SD
    Ray Willis, SEA
    Jeremy Trueblood, TB
    Stephon Heyer, WAS
    Reggie Wells, ARI
    Deuce Lutui, ARI
    Lyle Sendlein, ARI
    Quinn Ojinnaka, ATL
    Justin Blalock, ATL
    Harvey Dahl, ATL
    Marshal Yanda, BAL
    Chris Chester, BAL
    Josh Beekman, CHI
    Olin Kreutz, CHI
    Nate Livings, CIN
    Kyle Cook, CIN
    Kyle Kosier, DAL
    Manuel Ramirez, DET
    Jason Spitz, GB
    Uche Nwaneri, JAC
    Casey Wiegmann, KC
    Rudy Niswanger, KC
    Richie Incognito, MIA
    Jonathan Goodwin, NO
    Chris Morris, OAK
    Samson Satele, OAK
    Max Jean-Gilles, PHI
    Nick Cole, PHI
    David Baas, SF
    Chris Spencer, SEA
    John Greco, STL
    Mark Setterstrom, STL
    Davin Joseph, TB
    Leroy Harris, TEN

  • thule
    Originally posted by chrlopez1
    Let say we would pick up Nicks in FA what would u do with our 1st round pick?
    You'd think corner...but depending on value we could still go with DeCastro haha...

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  • thule
    Originally posted by thule View Post
    Say hello to Barber/Newman/Roy/Davis/Columbo

    Also Romo and Miles and someone else has clauses to turn their bonus's into cap over the life of their contract I believe. That should be close to 10m off the books for 2011 right away. Money isn't going to be a big issue for us. We knew this was coming I expect we'll have a plan in place when the number is set.
    yes I just quoted myself. 4/5 ain't bad

    Sources confirm that receiver Roy Williams, running back Marion Barber, guard Leonard Davis and kicker Kris Brown have all been informed that they won't be invited to training camp. The club initially included tackle Marc Colombo in this group, but as of Tuesday afternoon his status had not been resolved.
    The Cowboys are expected to create another $17.5 million by restructuring the contracts of Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin later in the week. Together, these reductions will give the club the operating room it needs to sign its own free agents _ Doug Free tops the list _ fill out its roster and be active in the free agent market.
    dmn blog
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  • leroyisgod
    I heard on NFL Network that Leonard Davis was told he was gonna be cut Thursday. No surprise here.

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  • LonghornsLegend
    We have a bunch of guys I want to cut, but just isn't the year for them all. Roy & Newman I both want off this team this year, their more liabilities then anything. But Roy is too big a cap hit, and look at our CB's without Newman.

    As bad as he is, we can't go into the season with a secondary with 0 safeties, literally ZERO, then to boot we'd have Jenkins, Scandrick, and Alan Ball at CB. Lol. That's a laughable secondary. You guys know the Lions have a better secondary then that right now?

    We'll have enough to re-sign Bowen, Free, and bring in either Huff or Landry. After that, it's pushing it.

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  • FreshBoy!
    Calm down guys.....this is why all the speculation is for naught. CBA's not done..details aren't out. Here's a rumor that bodes very well for our boys in free agency.

    Dan Graziano from ESPN's NFC East blog is one of many sources to pick up rumors that a soft cap may be in the works in the CBA:

    Multiple reports have surfaced today that the new deal will protect veteran players from being "cap casualties" the way they have been in past years -- that there will be some procedure in place that allows for a "soft" cap, at least in the early years of the deal, and allows teams to keep veterans who might otherwise have to be cut to help the team get under the cap.

    This of course could potentially be good news for teams that are currently projected to be over the cap - and have the financial wherewithal to make use of such a provision. It also reveals an interesting twist in the still unresolved revenue sharing dilemma between the big market and small market teams: the hard (and increased) salary floor is forcing the conservative spenders to up the ante, while the big boys get a little more breathing room from the constrictions of a rigid salary cap.

    Graziano was quick to dub this the "Jerry Jones Rule", and I believe he's not far off the mark. Two years ago, Jerry Jones was fined at least $100,000 by the league for violating a gag order on labor issues during a visit to Minneapolis in support of the Viking's quest for a new stadium when he said that revenue sharing is "on its way out."

    Lance Zierlein of The Houston Chronicle reported earlier today that the salary cap in the new CBA may look very different from what it looked like in the previous CBA.

    Ive learned from people close to the negotiations that we may not see the massive cap casualties that weve expected. In fact, there may not be any penalties for teams who are over the $120 million dollar threshold. What that would allow teams to do is hang onto veterans, if they so choose, without penalty. What was less clear to me was whether or not well actually even see a salary cap. It is my understanding that for the first few years of this deal, the "cap" on spending could be soft or even non-existant [sic].

    Details of what all of this means are still murky, but if the high priced veterans like Marion Barber, Terence Newman, Leonard Davis and perhaps even Roy Williams won't count against the cap, not only would they be unlikely to be released immediately, it also opens up all sorts of possibilities for re-signing our own free agents and acquiring a free agent or two from outside. Or three or four.

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  • TheFinisher
    Originally posted by leroyisgod View Post
    The name Bradie James was thrown out there too as a possible cap casualty. I don't see it personally, but you never know.
    Bradie would be way down on my list of guys to cut, he's one of the few steady performers on defense and is a leader in the locker room. If we cut him we're adding a major hole in the middle of our defense, and with the unit we currently have we really can't afford that.

    He's got 1 more year on his deal with Lee and Carter waiting in the wings, let him finish it out and we can make a decision on him next off-season when the young guys are a little more seasoned.

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  • leroyisgod
    The name Bradie James was thrown out there too as a possible cap casualty. I don't see it personally, but you never know.

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  • M.O.T.H.
    Cutting Williams is actually a substansial cap hit. For a team that is probably going to have more cap issues in the foreseeable future, that's too much dead money. Even though, I'd love to show him the door. It could happen, but I dont think it will. And Newman probably isnt going anywhere, given our cash situation and lack of a replacement.

    We're over, and over by a lot. We account for the highest paid team in the league. But we're certainly going to get under enough to re-sign our own guys, via cuts and the restructuring of contracts.They'd certainly at least like to keep Free, Bowen, and Kosier. Free and Bowen probably wont come cheap, though. Obviously Free wont...he's looking at a HUGE pay day. And good luck if he hits the open market with all that money out there. We're going to have to offer something pretty lucrative for him, and right away. I'm not worried about losing him at all, it's just going to cost a lot. After that, we may be left in a bad place to sign other free agents. It may not be so bad, if Free's base salary is rather low with bonus' and such, because otherwise he's going to be eating up a huge portion of our available funds. It's not impossible, but Dallas is going to have to get really creative to find the funds to compete for the better FAs. Obviously we have no chance at Aso or anything like that. But maybe we can work some magic and still find a way to land one of the better S out there, at least. Ideally Huff or Elam. I say those two, because Weddle is a high priority for San Diego. Landry could be had as well, but he's actually pretty damn overrated and will command a big contract as well. Huff is going to get payed out the ass too, though. We could be in for a rough FA period, honestly. But on the flip side, Dallas has found ways to make things work in FA before.

    edit...S really is scary right now when you really look at it. Sensy's probably gone, he's nothing more than average to above average anyway, but better than anything else we have. Our current safeties are Barry Church, Danny Mccray, and AOA. We're kind of up ****'s creek. I hope AOA pans out, but the guy isnt ready to start and the other two are ST players. We have no starting caliber safety on the roster right now. lol. Freaking scary.
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  • leroyisgod
    Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
    Even without re-signing our own guys we're like $18 million over that $120 million cap. lol.

    Cap hell sucks.
    How certain are you of where were at cap wise? This always seems to be the great unknown. I anticipate a lot of cuts by us to help free up space. Davis, Newman, Barber and Williams.

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  • LonghornsLegend
    Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
    Even without re-signing our own guys we're like $18 million over that $120 million cap. lol.

    Cap hell sucks.
    Not only that, but teams that are already playoff caliber teams, like the Saints and Eagles both, have 25+ million dollars worth of cap room to work with. Well, the Saints free up 12 by cutting Bush but still. Just lets you know where we really stand. We have no chance at winning a SB this year unless Romo gets on a tear like Rodgers last year.

    Our defense just isn't that good, and the interior of the line still needs work.

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  • LonghornsLegend
    Noticed this earlier, and while I Don't want to jump to conclusions, I think we need to be all over DeAndre McDaniel. Yes I get he was undrafted for a reason, but can anyone pick a team with a worse set of starting safeties signed to the roster? I don't think we should rely on him as a starter or anything, in fact he doesn't need to hinder the FA plans, but he's a no brainer pick-up IMO.

    Clemson S DeAndre McDaniel is Pro Football Weekly draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki's No. 2-rated undrafted free agent available for after the lockout.
    McDaniel should be able to sign next week. A playmaking strong safety, McDaniel racked up 15 picks at Clemson but struggled in coverage. Boise State S Jeron Johnson is Nawrocki's top undrafted rookie. They are followed, in order, by Central Michigan LB Nick Bellore, Rutgers S Joe Lefeged, and Auburn WR Darvin Adams. Mark Herzlich and Dane Sanzenbacher are further down the list.

    Anyone know anything about Jeron Johnson? I've just seen Mcdaniels play before, and know he has talent. No reason for us not to go hard after him.

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  • leroyisgod



    Carl Nicks
    Dawan Landry
    Michael Huff

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  • M.O.T.H.
    Re-signing Jospeh is the Bucs number one priority. He's not going to be available. We more than likely couldnt afford him anyway. But again, he wants a massive contract, the Bucs want him back, and the Bucs have a **** ton of cap room. The most in the league, that is. No chance, my friend.

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  • M.O.T.H.
    1. Doug Free
    2. Stephen Bowen
    3. Kyle Kosier

    1. Michael Huff
    2. Robert Gallery
    3. Abram Elam

    And I mean Huff or Elam...I would just place them in that order.

    Obviously, we need to target S and G. But the money is a big question mark right now. Huff and Gallery are going to make bank. Elam may be a cheaper option, but someone may over spend for him as well, especially with so many teams having so much available cash. There should be cheaper options out there for us....other realistically available G/S targets, within a certain price range, could include...Chester Pitts, Daryn Colledge, Chris Chester, Reggie Wells, Evan Mathis, Mike Brisiel, Will Montgomery, John Greco, Sean Locklear, Trai Essex, Khalif Barnes, Danieal Manning, Bernard Pollard, Atari Bigby, Charlie Peprah, Chinedum Ndukwe, Melvin Bullitt, Brodney Pool, and Reed Doughty. Among others, of which are even lesser names. haha.

    If memory serves, Peprah is a Fort Worth boy. Wouldnt be shocked to see him land in Dallas, if GB lets him go.

    It all depends on the money. Even Sensabaugh is expecting to land a huge deal this off-season, as the Finisher said.

    edit...I totally did not know that Peprah signed a contract extension. :(
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