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Dear Jerry

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  • Dear Jerry

    I accept your apology on the following conditions:

    1. You resign as GM and hire someone solely dedicated to the GM position.

    2. The new GM hires a quality head coach.

    Please feel free to add any conditions or stipulations you think would improve this team!

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    A name coach, get an o-lineman or two, then go peterson and the center from penn state in the draft.



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      Dear Jerry:

      Stop overcompensating like mad by imposing your will with your halfassed judgments & insanely biased opinions on this, our fb team, b/c your member doesnt get as hard as it used to. ******, by prescription only. $ better spent than on botox procedures.

      You're not the worst owner in the NFL, but you are far from the best. You were on a FB team once when you were in college, so you know the key is self sacrifice. The 1st draft choice of the franchise, Bob Lilly, said "You have to sacrifice your body" & he sure did, you should pay close attention to what that quote means. Some selflessness as opposed to unrestrained egotism on your part would go a long way with us, the fans, the ones who support you with buying season tickets & sports memorabilia.

      Realize that your better than avg.-talented team can't simply physically overwhelm opponents wk. after wk. at the NFL level. Dallas used to be known for innovation & out-thinking opponents, now the team is dead in the water, no new good ideas happening on either side of the ball, & the roster is almost completely demoralized with only one lousy, stinking W at midseason.

      Replace the HC, this experiment has not worked, get over it. The team enjoyed a soft camp & it played soft for the 1st half of this season, they need to toughen up across the board. Cowher might be available but you will have to beg hm to take the job, & don't promote Garrett, he's not the answer. Maybe Rob Ryan if you can hire him away from Cleveland or Jeff Fisher if you can hire him away from that no-neck cretin Bud Adams in Tennessee, Dallas needs someone with a proven rcd. of turning losing teams around & will kick butts & take names in the locker room, it's called player accountability, something we used to have but lost along the way.

      Fix the o-line, secondary, special teams kicking game, KRs & KR coverage. Spend some quality draft choices (b/c they will be a lot higher than usual next April) on those & don't be shy about drafting a kicker. Draft for team needs that s/b obvious & don't trade back out of the 1st rd. anymore. Stick to the plan & the 2011 team s/b OK.

      Your Cowboys fans who don't feel sorry for anybody anymore
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