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  • Power of Round 4!

    Looking back over the NFL Draft since 2003, the Cowboys have done a great job of drafting in the 4th round. So good in fact they have hit at least one guy in the 4th round in every year but 2 since 2003.

    2003 - *Bradie James: Defensive leader, solid Pro Bowl caliber player who has locked down our middle for quite some time.

    2004 - Bruce Thornton: Baahhh! (missed)

    2005 - *Chris Canty: Dropped because of injury issues, but WOW, what a steal he was.

    *Marion Barber - For a 4th round runningback he has had a productive career. It seems like we have tried to make it more than he is, so it seems like he has fallen short. But if you look at the years where his role was a short-yardage back and a closer, WOW, Pro Bowl type guy.

    2006 - Skylar Green: Baahhh! (missed)

    2007 - Isiah Stanback: Bahh! That project didn't work (missed)

    *Doug Free: Talk about a steal in the 4th round. This guy could have been starting at right tackle at least a year earlier than he did. Torn between whether he is a career RT guy or just a short term LT place holder, but getting him in the 4th was a steal.

    2008 - *Tashard Choice: Another quality back who has filled in late in the season when our other backs were banged up and has been nothing short of exciting. Remember the Pitt game his rookie year. No one, I mean no one goes for 165 total yards vs. that defense. And that was with 3 INTs from Mr. Romo. I think most Cowboy fans see what this guy is capable of. Another great 4th round steal! I know Georgia Tech fans think so after Choice left OU where he sat behind Adrian Peterson.

    2009 - *Stephen McGee: If you go back and look at any other QB taken that year other than the first round guys, McGee shows as much or more promise than the likes of Rhett Bomar, Nate Davis, Mike Teel, etc. Is he a Franchise guy, probably not, but bringing a team back in his first NFL game and the way he finished the season makes you think, hmmm, maybe this kid does have something.

    *Victor Butler: Is this guy Demarcus Ware? Obviously not, but he has done a nice job of spelling our OLB and making a few plays when given the opportunity. I still think he can he a player he just needs some more experience.

    *Brandon Williams: Does anyone remember the reports coming out of mini-camp where this guy was tearing things up and flashing against our starting Oline? Well he was impressing the coaching staff before he got hurt his rookie campaign. That has set him back but he has come a long way considering where he started from (Texas Tech, ugh!).

    2010 - *Akwasi Owusu-Ansah: Way to early to tell about this guy, but I am still excited to see what he can do. We need to get him healthy and get him on the field for experience, but he still offers the play-making type of safety we have been looking for since Woody retired.

    Why is that important? Depending on what our new regime will do with the first few rounds, I am looking at the 4th round again for a guy who can make an impact on this team.

    Guys like:
    Jon Moffit (G/C) Wisconsin
    Kendric Burney (CB) North Carolina
    KJ Wright (OLB) Mississippi State
    Any one of several running backs (Hunter, Locke, Thomas, Jones)

    Each year I feel very uncomfortable about how we use our first 3 round picks, but because of our history, I feel really good about our 4th rounder this year. The combine will go a long way to see what kind of guys might be available for us during this potentially vital round.
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